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Day Trading 101—How to Day Trade and Make Money Doing It

day tradingIf you’ve been looking for a way to make money from home, learning day trading and how to day trade is an excellent way to put some of your financial investment skills to work.  Day trading is simply the process of buying and selling any number of stocks including options, currencies and futures, all within one day.  The goal of day trading is to buy low early in the day and sell high later in the day with stocks almost never being held overnight or while the market is closed.

Day trading has long been available for banks and financial institutions because of their unique access to market data and the exchanges, but since the advent of the Internet, this data has become available to everyone.  Now, day trading allows individuals a chance to share in some of the same financial opportunity and success as larger corporations, meaning learning to day trade is something you’ll definitely want to do if you want to get ahead in the market.

How to Day Trade—The Different Trading Styles

For starters, it’s important that you learn a little bit about the basics of day trading, more specifically, how the different styles of trading play into your own personality.  For example, if you are the type that wants to micromanage and play lightning fast stocks, scalping is when you hold onto stocks from a few minutes to a few seconds.  On the other hand, if you’re buying before you go to work and selling after you return home, long-term swing and position trading (meaning holding the stock throughout the entire day) will be a better option for you.

Regardless of which style you chose, the best thing about day trading is that it is extremely flexible, so no matter what your schedule or ultimate trading goals are, you can customize a system that is just right for you.  That might mean combining a few different styles or just sticking with one, such as:

  • Trend Trades:  Trend trading is simply buying stocks according to the direction of their current price moving, or in other words, buying stocks that are gaining in price and selling stocks that are dipping.
  • Counter-Trend Trades:  Counter-trend trading is simply trading stocks against the direction of their current price is moving, or in other words, buying stocks that are dipping in price or selling stocks that are gaining.
  • Ranging Trades:  Alternatively, when the market is moving sideways—that is, going back and forth between two prices—trades made are said to be ranging.

Other styles of day trading will depend on whether you want to be flexible with your strategies or wait until the market presents perfect conditions for your preference, how many times per day you want to trade and the extent of your portfolio.

Which Markets are Best for Learning How to Day Trade?

how to day tradeNext, you’ll want to start taking a look at the markets, becoming accustomed to how they work and what different opportunities they offer.  There are four main types of markets that you can trade in: options, futures, currencies and the stock market. These groups are further broken down into subgroups which are dependent on the stock indexes (e.g. the Dow Jones, the DAX, etc.), the current rates of currency exchange (e.g. Yen to Dollar, Dollar to Euro, etc.) and types of commodities (i.e. gold, silver, oil, etc.).  The type of market that you trade in is totally dependent on where your interests lie as well as your knowledge base.  For example, if you have zero interest in gold and no knowledge about how the gold market runs, don’t invest in gold—simple.

Getting the Right Day Trading Tools

Regardless of which markets you choose to trade in, you’ll need a direct access broker to give you the fastest trade execution at the lowest cost possible.  You’ll also need the right tools for day trading.  Luckily, that’s fairly simple which is one of the reason day traders have been able to make such a killing in the market.  You’ll need:

  • A high-speed Internet connection, vital to the fast-paced trades that take place.
  • A good broker who provides you with great analysis and a fee structure that is compatible with your trading style and budget
  • Access to a few financial newsletters and FAQ pages about the lingo and trading strategies

That’s it!  As you can see it isn’t hard to get started day trading—the hard part really comes in learning how to day trade successfully.

Paper Trading—Don’t Jump Right In

In order to help reduce your initial losses (almost everyone loses at the start), you’ll want to do what is commonly referred to as “paper trading.”  This means following stocks and keeping a log of when you would have bought and sold, your reasons for buying and selling, your net profits or loss and any other pertinent information to an “imaginary” trade.  Think of this as a trial run that will help you ascertain whether or not you are ready for the real thing—time lost not trading is better than money lost trading in this case.

When you are ready to enter the market, start slowly and pick a few stocks based on your preferred trading strategy.  Keep consistent with your strategy since bailing on it too early is a very common mistake.  You might have just entered the market at the wrong time.  If you start off losing, reduce your investments until you start to see a gain.  If you aren’t seeing gains, it might be time to rethink your methods, market and trading style.

Remember, just because day trading is done in just a few seconds, minutes or hours doesn’t mean the losses or gains you incur aren’t very real.  It’s always a good idea to get as in-depth as possible when it comes to learning how to day trade.  For some more advanced tips on day trading that are sure to make you money, click here right now and become the successful day trader you know you can be!

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Learn Day Trading Strategies and Tips

Learn Day TradingAre you interested in dabbling in the stock market? If so, it may be time to learn about one of the fastest and most exciting forms of stock market trading. It’s called day trading, and it happens when traders buy and sell shares within one day.

Rapid-fire and high-octane, this form of trading is designed to provide traders with access to quick profits, if their projections and predictions do work out. However, this form of trading does require some savvy.

Do You Understand the Stock Market?

After all, day traders will need to determine which shares (stocks) will rise in price and which will fall. Usually, this sort of determination requires careful stock market analysis. In other words, those who make these sorts of predictions will need to track stock prices for assets which interest them on a very frequent basis, in order to ascertain patterns.

If you’ve got some time to devote to stock market research and analysis, you may find that day trading suits your needs. Because day trading makes it possible to access profits so rapidly, it really appeals to some.

So, if you do want to take advantage of the potential benefits of day trading, be sure to utilize a few solid tips and tricks. These tips and tricks will assist you in boosting your chances of enjoying successful trades which will put a little welcome money in your personal bank account.

Create Systems

Tracking shares on a frequent basis will be one of the keys to accessing better results from day trading. Therefore, you should establish systems, whereby you check stock prices for interesting assets several times a day, for quite a long time period. This is particularly important for “newbies” to trading, who don’t have a lot of stock market experience or knowledge. However, even intermediate or expert traders will benefit from setting up tracking systems.

Once you’ve become familiar with the price shifts and falls of certain assets over defined time periods, you’ll be able to more accurately predict the ebb and flow of share price shifts. At this point, you may feel comfortable throwing your hat in the ring and buying shares. Another option is to utilize put and call options, which bet on price drops and increases over set periods of time.

Find the Right Trading Platform

When it comes to trading online, you should seek out the perfect online trading platform. By selecting such a platform, you won’t need to seek out the services of a broker or brokerage house. Because online trading is the wave of the future and it is available today, it’s the preferred choice of day traders. Basically, this affordable trading system makes it possible for traders to access impressive services without getting a “middle man” (or woman) to place trades for them.

While it’s always possible to make trades via a conventional broker, via telephone, fax or what have you, it is kind of old fashioned and it’s really not necessary. In order to benefit from fast-paced day trading, you’re probably better off with online stock market trading. When you sign up for a subscription at a day trading website, you’ll be able to choose your select level of service, which means that you won’t need to pay for more trading action that you’ll actually use.

Now that you know more about day trading strategies and tips, you’ll be ready to decide if this form of stock market activity is right for you. If you do go for day trading, you may find that it’s very compelling, if not a little bit addictive. After all, this form of trading is so fast-paced that it tends to give traders a little bit of adrenaline while they’re doing it.

How to Day Trade Successfully

How to Day Trade SuccessfullyThose who wish to succeed with day trading need to learn the secrets of how to day trade successfully. If you’re already day trading and you’re not getting good results from your predictions, it may be time to take another tack, by trying out some time-honored strategies and rules for success.

If you’re totally new to the day trading game, you may prefer to start by reading our tips and tricks, before placing the very first “bet”.

Because the stock market is risky, day trading is not for the uninitiated. In other words, it’s best to do a bit of homework and research before you begin this process of rapid-fire buying and selling. To help you get prepared, we’ve created a practical quick guide.

Get Oriented and Start Small

There’s just no point in “risking the farm” on a big day trade, even if you believe in your own prediction one hundred percent. It’s always better to start small, in order to ensure that you protect yourself from financial woes which might occur if you lost it all on your buying and selling gambit.

So, train yourself to be conservative when day trading, as it’s a better way to proceed, especially for newbies who don’t have much experience. Educate yourself before you start. You can always escalate the pace and scope of day trading later on, when you’re feeling more confident. However, you should always remain cognizant of the fact that day trading, like other forms of stock market transactions, is a gamble.

Most online stock market trading platforms offer a host of interesting stock market analysis tools. Utilize these in order to isolate patterns and price shifts for stocks that are interesting to you.

In addition, read up on the stock market whenever you can and then track shares which appeal to you. You should be gathering information all of the time, as it relates to variables which may influence the price increases and drops of stocks. Variables are all over the place, from consumer trends in the marketplace to government regulation or de-regulation. The best day traders utilize a range of resources in order to stay informed. Then, they are ready when opportunity strikes.

If you want a sure-fire strategy for making money with day trading, it may be time to learn about scalping. This form of day trading happens when traders buy stocks for lower prices and then sell them as soon as prices go up. While scalping may mean that you miss out on bigger profits, because you may or may not be selling stocks before they peak in price, it’s a safe way to ensure that you’ll get some kind of positive return on your investment.

Find the Perfect Virtual Trading Post

To enhance your trading experience, search for the right tools. By selecting the perfect virtual trading post, you’ll be able to enjoy ease and convenience as you trade. The best interfaces of this type are packed with resources, such as learning tools and trading tools. Typically, these types of websites operate on a subscription business model. This means that you’ll be able to access the subscription level that is just right for you needs.

Now that you know more about how to day trade effectively, you’ll be ready to make the most of your day trading. If you do decide to day trade, you’ll find that is has the capacity to give you big gains very quickly. You may add day trading to a roster of other stock market activity types, such as longer-term trading strategies or put and call options. By choosing to day trade a little or a lot, you’ll add excitement and potential to stock market trading.

How to Day Trade Stocks

How to Day Trade StocksIf you’re interested in exploring everything that stock market trading has to offer, you need to learn about the most interesting and popular stock market trading platforms. When you discover how to day trade stocks, you’ll access a lightning-fast method of trading which has the potential to offer quick rewards.

Day trading is the practice of buying and selling stocks within just one day, and it’s the preferred stock market trading tactic of millions of people all around the world. While it’s not perfect for every type of trader, day trading does provide superlative advantages to some.

Because day trading is designed to work quickly, it’s ideal for those who have their fingers on the pulse of the stock market. In other words, if you don’t have a lot of time to spend on stock market research, you may not excel at this type of trading. However, those who do have time to devote to this form of research may soar during day trading, as their skilled analysis may be put to good use.

How to Get Started

In order to begin trading in this manner, choose a few stocks that interest you and then learn more about them. For example, read company prospectuses at the official websites of these firms, and then Google these companies in order to find out about current news or events which may impact stock prices in the near future. In addition, check stock prices for appealing companies frequently, such as once an hour, in order to establish the current pace of stock market share price fluctuations.

All of these strategies will assist you in gaining a deeper understanding of the stock market, and they will also help you to spot opportunities as they arise. Because it’s so important to seize opportunities quickly during day trading, it’s vital to utilize research as a key stock market analysis tool. Luckily, lots of stock market experts are out there, offering advice and tips online. By connecting with these professionals via their social media accounts, articles, blogs and videos, you’ll be able to learn from the very best.

In the end, day trading is all about buying low and selling high. It’s a microcosm of what the stock market is all about… it just encapsulates the entire process, so that it all happens fast, within just one day. So, look for shares which are priced well, and which you believe will increase in value over the course of the day. Then, buy the number of shares that you want, from the company that is most appealing at the moment.

After you’ve bought your shares via your broker or online stock market trading platform, you’ll be ready to move on to the next step, which is tracking price shifts throughout the day. By doing so, you’ll be ready to sell when the moment is perfect. It is risky waiting for stocks to peak, so selling as soon as a price shift upwards occurs may be wise, especially when you’re just getting your feet wet with day trading. Selling immediately when prices rise is known as “scalping”.

Now that you know more about how to trade day shares, you’ll be ready to decide if this form of stock market transaction is really right for you. Because stock market day trading is fun and can be quite lucrative, it may be well worth a try.

To begin today, sign up with a reputable online stock market trading service. Then, prepare to test your mettle by placing your bets online. With any luck, you’ll choose the right stocks, which you can later sell for a tidy profit. People can get rich via day trading, so it does offer possibilities. When trading, balance risk with the potential for quick profits.

How to Day Trade from Home

How to Day Trade from HomeIf you love day trading, but you’ve grown weary of paying a broker (and contacting a broker) every single time that you want to buy or sell shares, you need to know that there is another option. By learning how to day trade from home, via the most impressive, cutting-edge online stock market trading platforms, you’ll be able to enjoy a whole new level of affordability and convenience.

Because day trading is a fast process, doing it yourself, via online stock market platforms, may be the key to getting the positive results that you want to see. In other words, because you won’t need to wait for a broker to take action, you may be able to make money faster, because you’ll never miss out on shining opportunities.

In particular, if you enjoy the stock market process known as scalping, which means selling shares (which you bought earlier in the day) as soon as they increase in price, you may find that learning to day trade from home is the key to scalping more effectively.

Find the Right Online Platform

The secret of convenience is bypassing a broker, and this is only possible via online stock market trading. When you choose the right online platform, you’ll be primed to access exceptional services which are tailor-made to fit your own level of trading. In other words, if you trade a little, you can buy an entry-level membership, which covers a select amount of trades per month, plus any related services, such as access to online stock marketing trading tools.

If you trade more, you’ll be able to access higher levels of membership. In the eyes of most traders, going it alone, online, is the best way to save money. In other words, most of these platforms will cut you a deal in order to wean you off of traditional, broker-based services.

So, convenience and affordability are key benefits. In addition, you’ll be able to learn about the stock market as you trade, since most platforms of this type do offer high-caliber training tools to their valued clientele.

Why Choose Day Trading, Anyway?

Day trading is a great option for accessing instant gratification through the stock market. If you hate to wait for what you want, you’ll find that day trading offers the immediacy that you crave. In other words, you’ll know if you’ve lost or won by the end of every trading day. In addition, if you love learning about the stock market and tracking share prices, you’ll find that choosing day trading is the key to unlocking a trading style that fits your personality to absolute perfection.

Now that you know more about how to day trade from the comfort and privacy of your own home, you’ll be ready to decide if choosing this trading type is the right decision for you. If you do decide to take the plunge, you’ll be joining a host of other day traders all over the world. Some will rise and some will fall. However, all of them enjoy the fast-paced world of day trading. Just be sure to know your limits before you trade. By doing so, you’ll ensure that you are able to enjoy the excitement of day trading without harming yourself financially.

Day trading happens fast, and it’s designed to assist those who are able to accurately predict price shifts over short periods of time. It’s probably the most rapid-fire way of earning money via the stock market. Is it right for you? Well, that is a personal decision that only you can make. However, hopefully, our quick guide will assist you in making the right choice.

How to Day Trade and Make Money

Make MoneyIn order to day trade and make money from it, you will need to learn the most effective ways to benefit from this lightning-fast form of stock market activity. To help you learn what you need to know, we’ve created a sensible quick guide.

Because we know some of the best ways to boost your chances of making successful day trades, we have the toolkit that you will need in order to access quick profits from day trading.

While there are certainly no guarantees, there are plenty of ways to ensure that you will increase your chances of “winning” at day trading activities. Day trading is the practice of buying and selling stocks within just one day.

Get Organized

Jumping in and starting day trading before you’re oriented will probably be a mistake. While you may have beginner’s luck when you choose stocks at random, it’s always better to have a plan in place. The best and savviest stock market traders know how to make the most of day trading, via homework and research. In other words, they put in time learning about stocks and tracking price shifts.

You can do this, too. Just put aside time each day to see what’s happening with all of your preferred stocks or other stock market instruments. Checking these stocks out frequently will be wise, as day trading is all about predicting price shifts within very short time frames. Doing this will serve a dual purpose, as it will also help you to spot opportunities as they arise.

Because day trading is all about quick action, the work that you do behind the scenes may really pay off. Creating a tracking system for stocks may be wise. You might even want to make a spreadsheet which pinpoints stock prices for preferred shares at different times of the day, on different days. Whatever helps you to analyze information should be utilized.

Consider Scalping Techniques

In the day trading game, scalping is one of the most popular ways to access profits from trades. This form of stock market trading technique happens when traders sell their stocks as soon as the prices of these shares rise. It might be a miniscule rise in price or a larger change – however, proper scalping will happen either way.

No matter what the price increase actually is, the trader will sell as soon as the price rise is noted. It’s obviously so tempting to wait and see if prices will continue to climb. However, sometimes, it’s easy to get burned when you wait, because prices may descend in an instant, leaving you with a bad “bet” that just doesn’t pay off. Scalping lowers the risk, by ensuring some kind of payoff, as long as a stock does increase in price.

So, scalping is one option. However, there are plenty of others.

Now that you know more about how to day trade and make money, you’ll be ready to decide if this form of stock market activity is really right for you. By choosing to day trade, you’ll access a high-octane form of trading which may excite and inspire you. Bear in mind that you’ll always lose sometimes when you play the stock market. Even gifted traders, such as mega-billionaire, Warren Buffett, do not have perfect track records.

So, set some limits, be patient with the process, and then see how it goes. With any luck, you’ll have great success, and you’ll have the option of putting your winnings into new trades.

To get started today, utilize the right online trading platform. When you do, you’ll be able to enjoy superlative trading that is just right for your needs.

Learn Some Practical Day Trading Tips

Day Trading TipsDay trading is about buying and selling shares quickly, within one business day. If you’re into instant gratification, you’ll find that playing this type of stock market game is very fulfilling – at least, when your predictions do pan out. After all, it’s possible to make quite a bit of money fast when you utilize the right day trading strategies and techniques.

In order to help you learn more about this form of trading, we’ve compiled a detailed guide. When you choose to follow our expert tips, you’ll be one step closer to getting a premium return on your day trading investments.

Stick with a Plan

The best day traders create systems and then use them to stay on track. In order to build a practical system, start tracking a few shares that you like on a daily basis or even more frequently. After all, you’ll need to know how these shares fluctuate in price daily or hourly. Never miss a chance to check up on stocks that you are considering buying. By creating a failsafe system, you’ll always know what’s up with preferred stocks.

Don’t Go Too Far

If you’re doing some day trading and things just aren’t working out for you, you need to know when to “fold your hand”. In other words, you need to have the fortitude to exit the stock market before things get any worse. There are always times that you’re going to lose during the day trading game. Accept this and learn how to minimize financial damage by exiting at the right moment. Remember, you can always come back to fight another day.

Understand Risk

In order to grasp what you’re getting into, you need to bone up on the stock market. Knowing the level of risk involved with particular types of day trading will assist you in making wise and informed decisions about whether or not participating in these forms of day trading will be a smart choice.

Luckily, there are tons of online resources which detail the risk levels of a range of stock market transactions, from basic buying and selling of shares to placing put and call options. So, do your homework in order to gain a deeper understanding of what you will risk when you trade.

Trade Online

Every time that you trade, you’ll need to pay a fee. In the past, you’d also need to contact a broker, who would take care of things for you. Now, in the digital age, there are simpler ways to perform online trades. For example, you may buy a membership at an online stock market trading platform. When you do, you’ll likely pay less to do day trading than you would via a conventional broker.

In addition, you’ll enjoy a lot of convenience. Because trading online is the easiest way to take care of things on your own, it’s a very practical system that works for hundreds of thousands of men and women.

Now that you know a few tips on day trading and how to do it online, you’ll be ready to decide if it’s really right for you. By choosing a system and committing to sticking to it, discovering which risk level is most appropriate for you and deciding on the ultimate online stock market platform, you’ll get all of your ducks in a row.

Day trading can be lucrative. It’s also a high-octane way to enjoy a little excitement and adrenaline. When you trade online, you’ll be able to buy and sell with unprecedented ease, as soon as the moment is right. To find out more about day trading, be sure to visit the blogs and websites of successful day traders.

Get the Inside Scoop on Day Trading Stocks

Day Trading StocksDo you want to learn about day trading? If the answer to this question is, “yes”, then you need to know that this type of trading is all about buying and selling shares within one trading day. Those who participate in this form of trading earn their money by taking big quantities of capital and then utilizing it in order to gain benefits from minor price shifts within very “liquid” shares or indexes.

If you’re interested in mastering the art and science of day trading, you’ll find that our tips and tricks make it all easier.

How to Begin

Particular shares will lend themselves to this style of trading more successfully. For example, when you’re day trading, you should examine a couple of elements of shares in order to find the right types of stocks.

The first element is how liquid a stock is. Liquidity may be defined as entering or exiting stocks at decent prices, such as tight spread or low-slip setups. The second element which should be sought out is how volatile the market actually is. Volatility is measured in terms of the projected daily price range. When volatility is high, there’s more risk, but also a greater chance to earn profits.

So, look for the right shares, in order to attempt to get in and get out of the market quickly, while also realizing a decent return on your initial investment. When you find the right opportunities, you’ll have a better chance of taking advantage of all that day trading has to offer. Researching stocks is definitely “key” – in other words, you will need to track patterns in price shifts over short periods of time, in order to try to determine where stock prices are headed. By performing research and doing a little homework (stock analysis tools are available online), you’ll bone up on your stock market and day trading knowledge.

Trading Strategies

Savvy day traders utilize certain forms of trading techniques in order to generate quick profits. One strategy is called scalping, and it’s all about selling off shares as soon as their prices shift upward. Scalping is a lightning-fast way to make money and it requires focus. You’ll need to be acutely aware of stock price shifts and then make moves rapidly in order to generate income from share selling. Whether you decide to scalp or not, you should be aware that certain online services will make the job of day trading simpler, such as online stock trading platforms.

Another strategy is known as momentum, and it’s all about taking advantage of trends which affect the price of shares. For example, if a company releases news about a new product which may set the marketplace on fire, a day trader may prepare to buy stocks in this company, in order to flip them later, when prices rise. This approach to day trading requires constant awareness of current events.

Now that you know the ins and outs of day trading, you may be ready to try it for yourself. When you choose the right service for online stock trading, you’ll find that it’s possible to perform day trading without utilizing the services of a stock broker or stock brokerage house. Usually, online trading is more affordable and it allows for plenty of autonomy. So, why not make the most of your projections and predictions, by taking care of the trading online, right from the comfort and privacy of your home – or via your smart phone when you’re on the go?

Day trading gets easier as you go along. However, it’s always a gamble. So, make a point of knowing your limits and don’t exceed them. Set an amount of money that you may afford to lose and then stop when you reach that limit. This will protect you from financial fallout that is related to losing trades.

What You Need to Know about Day Trading Rules

Day Trading RulesIf you’re interested in day trading, you will need to learn the rules. By grasping the intricacies of day trading rules, you’ll make it easier to turn a profit via this exciting and fast-paced form of stock market trading. In order to assist you in learning everything that you need to know about day trading, we’ve created a practical quick guide.

Once you’ve mastered the basics, you’ll be ready to earn some lucrative income (if your stock market predictions pan out). So, let’s talk about some day trading rules which will give you more control over the entire day trading experience.

Day Trading Rules : Get in and Get Out

You will need to move quickly in order to gain the benefit of this form of trading. This means understanding the market. After all, you’ll need to track prospective shares carefully in order to make decisions about whether they are going to rise or fall in price. The first step is entering the market. You will need to decide which shares you want to buy and how many of them you really need.

Then, you’ll need to decide when to get out. This means finding an optimal time to sell your shares. Typically, day traders wait for a pivotal moment, when they believe select shares have hit their peak for the day. At this point, they sell the stocks and pocket the difference between the peak prices and what they initially paid. However, some traders use a strategy called, “scalping”, whereby they sell shares as soon as they go up in price. The system that you choose to utilize is up to you. Most day traders do advocate choosing a particular system and then sticking to it.

In order to minimize risk, you should also learn about escaping from trades. This form of transaction is also referred to as utilizing “stop prices”. When you use a stop price, you’ll be able to get out of the market before things get any worse. This is very useful when things just don’t go your way while you’re day trading.

Day Trading Rules: Trade at Optimal Times

Most skilled and savvy traders stay out of the market during the first 20 minutes of the day. This time of day is fraught with peril, as plenty of panicking happens among traders during the first few minutes of stock market activity. It’s always better to wait 20 minutes, until things calm down and even out. Then, you’ll have a more realistic sense of where things are going.

Now that you know some great ways to get more out of day trading, you should consider signing up with an online stock market trading platform. When you choose this form of platform, you’ll have more autonomy as you trade. In fact, you’ll cut out the middle man, as you won’t need to schedule trades via a broker or brokerage house. Typically, choosing to trade online will be cheaper than using an old-fashioned broker. However, you should still shop around carefully before making a decision about which platform to use.

Look for great services which garner stellar reviews from real-life customers. Then, choose your preferred level of membership. You may select a level of membership which allows for the frequency of trading that you want to do. Then, you won’t have to pay for more services than you really need.

Day trading is a turbo-charged way to get into the action. However, it is not for everyone. Only those who have time to research and analyze stock prices and patterns on a very frequent basis will be able to perform accurate stock market analysis, which may be used in order to make predictions.