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Arifureta Season 2: Release Date, When Will Come Out?

Otaku was named the best anime series of 2019. The creators responded to this by announcing that the release date of Arifureta season 2 episode 1 will be one of the days of the beginning of autumn 2020.

The exact date of release of the anime “Arifureta” season 2 with a schedule of all series, you can see a little below.

Arifureta Plot

At Hajime Nagumo school, Nagumo is not popular with classmates. But the boy does not care much about it. He was born in a family where his father creates fascinating computer games, and his mother writes manga. Professions of parents have become his son’s main hobby.

Arifureta season 2 frames in 1 series

Hajime spends all his free time at the monitor and reads about the adventures of his favorite characters, having a break for rare meetings with few friends. One day it happens that the whole Nagumo class is transferred to the virtual world. Here the pupils have unusual abilities. They turn into superheroes capable of opposing any villain.

Will the show be anime Arifureta season 2

And Hajima was not lucky. He got only the ability to transform various inanimate objects. At first, the young man does not even understand what to do with this “ability”. Residents of the parallel reality need the help of guests, hoping to find reliable defenders and patrons in their person. And Nagumo is not attracted to Superman at all. But he does not get upset. The guy lacks ambition and accepts events as they are.

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One day everything will change. As a result of the meanness committed by a classmate, a young man finds himself at the bottom of a deep canyon. He was considered dead. Only Kaori’s favorite girl does not believe in Nagumo’s death and is waiting to hear from him, just as fans are waiting for Arifureta season 2 to come out.

When exactly the Arifureta season 2 series will be released

And not in vain. Her chosen one managed not only to survive but also to become a hero. Hajima gets rid of the curse on vampire Yue, who was imprisoned in the thick of the earth by her own uncle a few centuries ago. She gets attached to the savior. This duo has a common interest – to get out on the surface. It turns out that the bottom of the gorge is a separate world. The journey is not over yet, so after the first part of the anime, the main topic of discussion in the forums of the otaku was whether the show Arifureta season 2.

Characters and voice-over

  • Hajime Nagumo. A stiff high school student with a soft character and kindness. He is not accepted into his circle by his classmates. The young man spends his free time at computer games, anime, and manga reading. Together with his peers, he finds himself in a virtual world, where he gets an opportunity to prove himself.
  • Yue. Representative of vampires. Hajime becomes her savior, for which she finds in the face of a girl eternal debtor and a real friend. Yue is ready to sacrifice herself for the salvation of Nagumo.
  • Kaori Shirazaki. The first beauty of the class where the protagonist’s studies. She falls in love with humble Hajime, which makes her friends laugh. But the girl does not pay attention to others. She is endowed with the same kind heart as the chosen one. After his fall into the abyss, she feels that her beloved is alive.
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Interesting facts about Arifureta

  1. It is too early to talk about the exact date of the Arifureta season 2 series release. Fans can also expect unpleasant surprises. It has already been so. The premiere of anime in Japan was planned for the middle of spring 2018. But it was postponed for a year. Nothing has been reported about the reasons.
  2. The debut part of the literary work, which formed the basis of the animated series, was released in 2015. Two years later it took 27th place in the ranking of the best-selling web novels in Japan.

Fans of this anime will not have to guess the release date of Arifueta season 2. It is already known:

Arifureta season 2, the date of release of all series

NameNumber of episodesIssue Date
Arifureta season 213spring 2021 (awaiting announcement)

In the release date of the series “Arifureta” season 2, changes or clarifications are possible.

Arifureta season 2 Trailer

Sorry, no trailer yet. When the anime “Arifureta” season 2 is released as the official trailer, we will definitely add it. In the meantime, let’s remember what happened in season 1.

Arifureta season 2 review

Art Direction - 87%
Musical Accompaniment - 73%
Scenario and Dialogue - 78%
Special Effects and Graphics - 72%
Viewer Expectations - 91%
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