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Demon Slayer Season 2: Release Date, Plot and Everything you should know

Stories about wrestlers with all kinds of evil often become the plots of comics, and real otaku difficult to surprise. But this series has caused increased interest, so the continuation is being prepared. The date of release of Demon Slayer season 2 episode 1 was scheduled for autumn 2021. There are many unfinished topics left, and the viewer wants to wait for exhaustive answers. However, there is unconfirmed information in the Network that the premiere can be postponed for several months.

The exact date of the release of the anime “Demon Slayer” season 2 with the schedule of all series, you can see a bit below.

Demon Slayer Plot

The father of the main character Tangiro dies. The young man bears the burden of responsibility for his family. He has to do hard work on unloading and reselling coal. He tries as much as he can to make his family feel protected and not need anything. One night the house was attacked by the natives of hell, who destroyed all the relatives of the boy. Only his sister managed to survive. But the creatures turned the girl into such a creature. Only appearance (partially) and emotions remained of the person in her. Half monster is able to control his diabolical instincts and not to kill for no reason. Reincarnation has given Nezuko supernatural power.

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Demon Slayer season 2 frame from the series

This tragedy became known to the evil hunters, who deal with the “guests” of the other world. They are sure that Tangiro’s sister should also be destroyed. But his brother can not allow the only family member, even if he is “other”, to go after the rest of the family. The guy believes that Nezuko will again become one of the people and is willing to sacrifice himself for this, if necessary.

Demon Slayer season 2 anime output

Heroes go in search of a means to exorcise the demonic entity. They also dream of taking revenge on the creatures that destroyed their loved ones. During the journey, the avengers get closer to the “hunters” and together with them declare war on the descendants of hell.

When Demon Slayer season 2 anime is released

The release date animates the beginning of the new adventures of Tangiro and Nezuko. It is not yet clear what kind of creature the girl really is and whose side she will take in the unfolding battles.

Characters and voice-over

It is possible that after waiting for the release of Demon Slayer season 2 fans will see the new actors. But the main characters will undoubtedly remain the same:

  • Tangiro. A young man forced to take care of his family after his father’s death. Demons killed almost all of his family, except his sister. Without hesitation, he takes a deadly journey to save the girl.
  • Nezuko. The little sister of a guy. During the attack of hell, monsters were bitten by them. This changed her appearance but gave her unusual abilities.

Interesting facts about Demon Slayer

While the plot intrigue is saved, which will be solved with the release date of the Demon Slayer 2 series, let’s remember the details related to the first part:

  1. Manga, which was shot anime, dispersed around the world by June 2018 in circulation in more than 2.5 million magazines. And the comic book itself took 19th place in the TOP 20 best manga 2018. And this despite the fact that history is a new project.
  2. Before the appearance of the series on the screens otaku Japan, America and Australia had the opportunity to see a full-length film based on the story of the first five series of anime in cinemas. Fans from other countries were able to see the film only on the Internet.
  3. The epic is based on the script of Gotogohe Koeharu directed by Sotozaki Haruo. This director is the author of such sensational films as “Twice for Two is Shinobu”, “Zestiria’s Tale: The Cross”.
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Demon Slayer season 2, the date of release of all series

NameNumber of episodesIssue Date
Demon Slayer season 212autumn 2021 (waiting for the announcement)

Demon Slayer season 2 Trailer

Sorry, the trailer has not appeared yet. When Demon Slayer season 2 anime comes out with the official trailer, we will definitely add it. In the meantime, we suggest that you remember what happened in the first season.

Demon Slayer season 2 review

Art Direction - 85%
Musical Accompaniment - 77%
Scenario and Dialogue - 74%
Special Effects and Graphics - 74%
Viewer Expectations - 92%
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