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Fruits Basket Season 3: Release Date, Plot and Everything you should know

Finally, the authors announced the release date of Fruits Basket season 3 episode 1. We will see new episodes of the favorite tape already in 2021. The expected season will be the final in the screen version of Natsuki Takai’s story.

The exact date of release of the anime “Fruits Basket” season 3 with a schedule of all series, see the article below.

Fruits Basket Season 3 Plot

In far 1998 the first volume of a popular graphic novel was created. Takai’s comics began to be printed in Hana to Yume magazine. In 2001, director Akitaro Daichi released an anime series on big screens. In 2019, they decided to restart the project by presenting the first “updated” version to the public. In 2020 – the audience saw the second part of the picture. Today all anime fans are puzzled by the release date of the series Fruits Basket season 3, but the creators of the show have already answered the main question of fans.

Date of release of series Fruits Basket season 3

Toru’s mother always told her daughter to smile despite any difficulties. But when the woman died, the young girl’s life changed dramatically. The girl was left without a family. She was going to move in with her grandfather, but his house was being renovated. Then Toru decided to live in the forest so that nobody could be disturbed. Having set up a tent on the glade, the schoolgirl continued studying and communicating with her friends. Nobody suspected where Toru actually lived.

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When exactly will be released anime Fruits Basket season 3

Once the secret of the main character was revealed by her classmate Yuki – the first boyfriend at school and the dream of all the girls. He offered the runaway to live in his big family. The girl agreed. Moving there, she discovered many amazing things. The guest found out that Yuki and his family are very interesting individuals. If one of them hugs a man of the opposite sex, he will turn into an animal from the Chinese calendar. But these are not all surprises waiting for the young Torah in the new family.

Will the output anime Fruits Basket season 3

The authors promised the fans a fresh series already in April 2021, but to answer exactly when will be released Fruits Basket season 3 is still impossible. All because of the pandemic that has shifted many projects. Fans have to hope that the creators will be able to meet the promised deadlines.

Fruits Basket season 3 Cast and voice-over

  • Torah. The girl who lost her mother in a car accident. She got into an unusual family, whose members are under a spell. Wants to help the guys to destroy the magical spell.
  • Yuki. The first beauty at school. Invited the main character to live in his big house. Transforms into a rat.
  • Kyo. One of the family members. He seems to be rude, but in fact, he turned out to be a kind man. He turns into a cat.
  • Shigure. Guardian Toru. Writer. His animal is a dog.
  • Woo-chan. A friend of the main character. Possesses a strong character.
  • Akito. The head of an unusual family. Her sign is Cancer.
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Interesting facts about Fruits Basket

  1. In 2001, the story won the Best Shoujo Manga Award.
  2. According to a 2007 survey, the work took thirty-seventh line in the list of the best mangas of all time. Many years passed, but fans’ interest in the show did not pass, and the question of whether the show will be Fruits Basket season 3, still worried the audience.
  3. In Japan, eighteen million copies were sold.
  4. In 2002, the screened story took third place in the list of the most viewed tapes.
  5. In 2006, the project was recognized as one of the most favorite anime.
  6. The restart of the series created a new team. This was the author’s condition. None of the old group working on the show in 2001 was allowed to the new project.

Fruits Basket season 3, the date of release of all series

NameNumber of episodesIssue Date
Fruits Basket season 325April 6, 2021 (subject to change due to COVID-19)

Warning! In the release date of the series “Fruits Basket” season 3, changes or clarifications are possible.

Fruits Basket season 3 Trailer

Sorry, no trailer yet. When the anime “Fruits Basket” season 3 comes out with the official trailer, we will definitely add it.

Fruits Basket season 3 review

Art Direction - 84%
Musical Accompaniment - 79%
Scenario and Dialogue - 79%
Special Effects and Graphics - 46%
Viewer Expectations - 89%
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