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Kuroko no Basuke Season 4: Get here all the details!

The sports theme has been very popular in recent years. And it concerns not only the broadcasts of the competitions themselves. Movies and soap operas on sports topics are also in great demand among the audience. No less popular are anime projects. In particular, the manga about the adventures of the school basketball team in Japan was recognized as one of the best. The anime series shot on it also gained popularity, and not only in the Land of the Rising Sun: the project has found new fans far beyond its borders. Now fans from all over the world are looking forward to the release date of Kuroko no Basuke season 4 episode 1.

The exact date of release of the anime “Kuroko no Basuke” season 4 with a schedule of all series, you can see below.

Kuroko no Basuke Plot

Educational institutions give a huge role to the sport. Most schools have their own teams, and some have very strong ones. In particular, Teiko High School is proud of its basketball team. Its participants are real stars, and five of them were nicknamed “Generation of Wonders”. These are the strongest players that are simply impossible to resist on the court.

Kuroko no Basuke season 4 in the series

Largely thanks to these heroes, the team became famous. Three times the guys managed to become champions in international competitions. However, education in high school does not last forever. The time of graduation comes. Now five basketball players will go to new educational institutions, starting to play for other national teams. Many former partners will have to become rivals in the upcoming matches.

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Will Kuroko no Basuke season 4 anime output

Team Taico was not limited to five stars. The significance of the sixth, “ghost” player was recognized even by them. Now Tetsuya Kuroko is also leaving school. He will continue his studies at Seirin. This high school does not have a well-coordinated national team yet: it was created just two years ago. Together with him, Taiga Kagami joins the team. The boy has mastered the game in the USA; he does not treat local athletes as serious rivals. But the hero has a lot of discoveries to make during future competitions.

When Kuroko no Basuke season 4 anime comes out

The formation of the new team is entrusted to Rico Aida. The girl only studies in the second year, but her father is a famous coach. Communicating with her father, watching his work, the girl has mastered the technique that allows at a glance at the athlete to understand what his strengths are, how to better use him in the team. The mentor is preparing for the first stage of the competition. Thanks to two new players, the heroine is sure that they have a chance to win.

The series has been extended for a new season, the meeting with the favorite team is not far off. However, the exact release date of Kuroko no Basuke season 4a is not yet known.

Characters and voice-over

  • Tetsuya Kuroko is a famous “ghost player” from Teiko’s team, now he plays for Seirin. Different from other athletes, he is short and tentacular in stature, so he is almost invisible on the playground.
  • Taiga Kagame is a player of Sarin. Previously lived in the U.S., where he was fond of streetball. After returning, he was upset when he saw the level of the game at home. But later I learned about the existence of really strong opponents, who had previously been part of the “Wonder Generation”, and began to dream about meeting them on the basketball court.
  • Waiting until Kuroko no Basuke season 4 comes out, we will get to know the new characters of the series and be able to watch their new adventures.
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Interesting facts about Kuroko no Basuke

  1. The manga, adapted as a series, was one of the top three best-selling manga series in Japan twice (in 2012 and 2013).
  2. Problems with the release of the sequel may be related to the fact that the release of new manga volumes was discontinued in late 2010. This has led many fans to doubt whether Kuroko no Basuke season 4 anime will be released.
  3. The project was officially extended, but for various reasons, the date of the show was postponed several times. The premiere is now expected in the second half of 2021.

Kuroko no Basuke season 4, the date of release of all series

NameNumber of episodesIssue Date
Kuroko no Basuke season 425no information yet

Warning! In the release date of “Kuroko no Basuke” season 4, changes or clarifications are possible.

Kuroko no Basuke season 4 Trailer

Sorry, no trailer yet. When the official anime trailer comes out, we will definitely add it. In the meantime, we suggest that you remember what was the 3 season.

Kuroko no Basuke season 4 review

Art Direction - 80%
Musical Accompaniment - 69%
Scenario and Dialogue - 78%
Special Effects and Graphics - 63%
Viewer Expectations - 89%
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