date of release of the anime magister of the devils cult 3 season 1

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The release date of the Mo Dao Zu Shi season 3 episode 1 is waiting for many fans of dark fantasy. The first parts of the anime series were very warmly received by the audience, despite the fact that the creators did not dare to show on the screen all the scenes of cruelty present in the novel. Nevertheless, the project turned out to be spectacular and interesting, and now fans are hoping to continue. According to rumors, the creators of the adaptation will not disappoint them.

The exact release date of the anime “Mo Dao Zu Shi” season 3 with a schedule of all series, see below.

Mo Dao Zu Shi Plot

Wei Wu Xiang is a mighty spell-monger who strives for immortality. Having decided that the path of self-improvement is too long and difficult, he decides to go his own way. The hero manages to develop his own doctrine, the Devil’s Cult. So the speller hopes to achieve immortality faster, but the rest of the crowd gather see the dark wizard as a threat to the world order. They decide to stop Wei Wu Xiang before he becomes too strong. By communicating with the light forces, they manage to destroy the hero.

Mo Dao Zu Shi 3 season anime frame

Despite the fact that Wei Wu Xiang’s body was destroyed, his spirit managed to survive. With the help of a special ritual, the spell maker’s soul moves to the village simpleton, which Mo Xuan Yu was slaughtered and rejected by all. The poorly educated guy has only one goal in life: to take revenge on his despicable family. And Wei Wu Xiang is happy to fulfill his wish.

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Will the anime output Mo Dao Zu Shi 3 season

Even before gaining fame as the founder of the Dark Way, the hero met Lan Zhang. A friendship arose between the young people, which eventually turned into love. Lan Zhang was very nervous when his beloved became a follower of the Dark Arts, but could not influence his decision. He also failed to prevent his death during the siege of Luang Zhang. Mourning the hero, the man prepared for life alone, not hoping for the return of his beloved.

When exactly will be released anime Mo Dao Zu Shi 3 season

After 13 years, to his surprise, Lan Zhang recognized Wei as a village boy. Now he wants to correct his mistake. The hero is not only going to help the creator of the Devil’s Cult to protect him from the irreconcilable heads of other orders. The man hopes that together they can restore Wei’s ruined reputation. Despite the fact that in the past his love was not mutual, now he hopes to correct it. But whether a dark is capable of light feelings will show in the third season.

Characters and voice-over

  • Wei Wu Xian is the founder of the Devil’s Cult. The man was pushed to the dark path by attempts to find immortality. To some extent, he succeeded: even after his death at the hands of adherents of other teachings, he was able to revive in a new body. However, some memories of the adherent of the Dark Way were lost in the process. Now, with the help of a childhood friend, he tries to recover his memory and gain former power.
  • Lan Zhang (Lan Wang Ji) – friend and lover of the main character, familiar to him from life in the old body. Unlike Wei Wu Xiang, he does not seek power at all costs. He sees the meaning of his life as protecting his beloved from dangers.
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Further adventures of heroes we will be able to see after we wait for the Mo Dao Zu Shi season 3.

Interesting facts about Mo Dao Zu Shi

  1. In the original novel, there are many more scenes of brutality than in the anime adaptation.
  2. At home in China, the series won the prestigious award “Golden Dragon” in the genre of serial animation.
  3. Now it is difficult to answer whether the release of the Devil’s Cult Master season 3. According to preliminary data, work on the continuation is underway, it may appear on the screens in 2021.

Mo Dao Zu Shi season 3, the date of release of all series

NameNumber of episodesIssue Date
Master of the Devil's Cult82021 (awaiting announcement)

In the release date of the series “Mo Dao Zu Shi” season 3 possible changes or clarifications.

Mo Dao Zu Shi season 3 Trailer

Sorry, no trailer yet. When the Mo Dao Zu Shi 3 anime comes out as the official trailer, we will definitely add it. In the meantime, we offer to see what the second season was about.

Mo Dao Zu Shi season 3 review

Art Direction - 84%
Musical Accompaniment - 82%
Scenario and Dialogue - 75%
Special Effects and Graphics - 53%
Viewer Expectations - 96%
User Rating: 5 ( 1 votes)