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My Hero Academia Season 5 release date: Plot and Everything you should know

The series about the persistent movement towards a dream will be continued. The release date of My Hero Academia season 5 episode 1 will be spring 2021.

The exact date of release of the anime “My Hero Academia” season 5 with the schedule of all series, you can see a little below.

My Hero Academia Plot

There is a parallel reality, in which residents are born with unique abilities, allowing them to be superheroes and perform feats. But Izuku Midoriya was not lucky. He is an ordinary teenager. But the boy is not going to put up with the lack of supernatural power and intends to enter a special Academy where supermen are trained.

My Hero Academia season 5 frames in 1 series

Hoping to be noticed by those who are considered almighty, Izuku is ready to help anyone, even if a person dislikes him. One day, risking his life, he saves a classmate. The action became known to the hero number 1, the All-Powerful. He gave the boy some of his own abilities so that he could enter the Academy.

Will My Hero Academia season 5 show be animated?

Anime fans who are experiencing My Hero Academia season 5 have not yet forgotten that their entrance exams were a failure. But the failure did not stop Midoria. The Almighty has agreed to become his mentor. A superhero told the boy that he was also born without magic power, but his teacher shared his abilities, so he decided to do the same.

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When the My Hero Academia season 5 series will be released exactly

Izuku becomes a student. However, classmates disdainfully treat a newcomer to an elite institution, as they believe, not quite honestly. Because of this, the guy has to tolerate mockery and ridicule. The fourth part kept the intrigue, so fans of the series are looking forward to the release of My Hero Academia season 5.

Characters and voice-over

  • Izuku/Deku. A teenager who was born in the world of super-warriors without a superpower, called “quirk”. With his courageous act, he was able to attract the attention of the great master and was able to enter a special academy, where heroes are trained.
  • Katsuki. One of the students at an educational institution. Izuku’s rival.
  • Toshinori. The first among the heroes of the parallel world. A lecturer of the Academy. Just like the main character was born without abilities, but received them as a gift from his mentor. He got to work in an educational institution after being injured in a battle with a strong enemy. As a result, he lost some of his skills.

Interesting facts about My Hero Academia

  1. The premiere of anime and the screening of subsequent parts were held in early April 2016 in the TV networkTV Tokyo. The release date of the series My Hero Academia season 5 announces after the series appeared on Japanese television. By the way, since August 20, the manga is published in Russia, adapted for Russian fans of this direction
  2. In 2016, a computer game based on anime was released for the Nintendo 3DS console and more than half a million copies were sold. This success helped to create the continuation of Izuku’s gaming adventure for different platforms.
  3. The total number of sold copies of manga, which became the basis of the series, was more than 5.2 million.
  4. Critics were generally positive about anime. But some of them noted that the negative characters are not finalized.
  5. In 2018-19 the authors of the series released two full-length animated films.
  6. After the company registered the domain name “” for the anime playground, it was announced that work on the “Academy” had begun. Kenji Nagasaki was invited as a director. The script was offered to be written by Yosuke Kuroda, and the characters’ images were designed by designer Yoshikikyo Umakoshi.
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My Hero Academia season 5, the date of release of all series

NameNumber of episodesIssue Date
My Hero Academia season 512April 10, 2021
Episode 1April 10, 2021
Season 5 Episode 2April 17, 2021
Season 5 Episode 3April 24, 2021

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My Hero Academia season 5 Trailer

Sorry, no trailer yet. When the anime “My Hero Academia” season 5 comes out as the official trailer, we will definitely add it. In the meantime, let’s remember what happened in the fourth season.

My Hero Academia season 5 review

Art Direction - 85%
Musical Accompaniment - 75%
Scenario and Dialogue - 82%
Special Effects and Graphics - 76%
Viewer Expectations - 90%
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