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The God of High School Season 2: Release Date, Plot and Everything you should know

On July 6, 2020 anime lovers saw a new project. So far, nothing has been heard about the release date of The God of High School season 2 episode 1. Many fans are waiting for the second season in the summer of 2021. In 2011, the show was released on the platform Naver Webtoon. After a while comics decided to adapt to the big screens.

The exact date of release of the anime “The God of High School” season 2 with the schedule of all series, you will find a little lower.

The God of High School Plot

The presumed date of release of the series The God of High School season 2 can become July 2021. However, the information has not yet been confirmed by the creators.

The God of High School season 2 2021 series release date

The development of the series was engaged in the well-known studio MAPPA. The director was Sonhu Pak. He managed to bring to life the story of Yeonju Pak, the author of the manhwa.

The competition “King of the Mountain” gathered the best fighters. Every schoolboy wants to win the contest. Despite the dubious reputation of sponsors, there are more and more people willing to win. The winner will be able to realize his or her every dream.

When exactly will the anime The God of High School season 2 be released

Gene Mori considered himself an unsurpassed master. However, he met worthy competitors on the battlefield. All the guys show impressive levels of skill. But they do not know the true goals of the organizers.

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Participants are allowed to borrow magical powers from the gods. However, the protagonist wants to take the pedestal without the help of supernatural forces.

Will the output of the anime The God of High School season 2

This work has become extremely popular among fans of the genre. On its basis was launched a computer game, which became a pleasant gift for many fans. Now everyone wants to know when will be released The God of High School season 2. So far, the authors support the intrigue and do not give any comments.

Characters and voice-over

  • Gene Mori. Master of Taekwondo. Uses legs as the main weapon. Slightly arrogant, but with a good-natured temper.
  • Tavi. A hardworking young man. He fights for a sick friend. His main desire is to cure his friend of cancer.
  • Peace. Skilful fencer. Uses smooth but strong attacks. Wants to find a decent husband.
  • Ilphyo. Gin’s ally. Uses logic and calculation in his attack.
  • Peck. A genius in excellent shape.
  • Che. A fierce competitor.
  • Chin. Guardian Mori, who trained the boy.

Interesting facts about The God of High School

  1. Another working title of the series is “King of the Mountain”.
  2. The game based on written manhwa was launched in Google Play. It was downloaded more than one million times. Now all fans are concerned about whether the show The God of High School season 2.
  3. Critics noted the spectacular battles and well-thought-out combat techniques. The plot of the tape was found to be weaker, as the authors made a clear emphasis on action and fighting. Despite all the comments, the public received the work positively.
  4. The series was on the list of the best films that critics liked.
  5. The audience still wonders why all the characters were depicted with red noses. Someone suggested that the authors intentionally created a “chip” to distinguish the picture among other works.
  6. Yongje Park made his debut in the genre of anime thanks to his work “Cool Guy”. His creation was very positively received by the audience. Success inspired Park to create a new story. He decided to show the schoolchildren participating in the competition. Thus, comics about the high school god appeared.
  7. In the new film adaptation, Pak promised the public “100% action”.
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The God of High School season 2, the date of release of all series

NameNumber of episodesIssue Date
The God of High School Season 213July 12, 2021
Episode 112 July - 2021
Episode 2July 19, 2021
Episode 3July 26, 2021
Episode 4August 2, 2021

Warning! On the release date of “The God of High School” season 2, changes or clarifications are possible.

The God of High School season 2 Trailer

Sorry, but the trailer is not here yet. When the anime “The God of High School” season 2 comes out as the official trailer, we will definitely add it.

The God of High School season 2 review

Art Direction - 85%
Musical Accompaniment - 76%
Scenario and Dialogue - 84%
Special Effects and Graphics - 56%
Viewer Expectations - 89%
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