Here is the Pokemon Type Chart: check it out now!!

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Type Chart methods represent the Type effectiveness that has been famous since long before Pokemon Go, including all of the core Pokemon games rotating around them.

Every Pokemon will have a type, like water, fire, or glass, which means that every Pokemon will have its own set of strengths and weaknesses. Let’s take an example of bug-type Pokemon, they are weak against fire, and rock type moves. These type moves are powerful against grass and dark steps. That is being said, shooting, flying, and the rock type moves will do double damage against a this-type, like the Cater-pie.

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The standard Type chart that has developed through the various-generations might be like a 2nd language to long-term Pokemon fans. One more added advantage we can gain is the Same Type Attack Bonus. As the name implies, this will increase the power of the move if the Pokemon that is attacking will have the same type as the move used (let us take the example of a Fire-type Pokemon using a Fire-type step)

These types are similarly the same as those in the actual Pokemon games. Still, effect of those type matches up might be little different: in short, things such as resisted attacks have various multipliers to the main Pokemon games even though an update bought them closer to the boundary.
The immunities taken off are:

  • Flying immune to the Ground
  • Healthy and Fighting immune to Ghost
  • Ghost immune to Fights
  • Dark resistant to the Psychic
  • Ground resistant to the Electric
  • Steel and Fairy to Poison and Dragon

Despite a complete immunity to damage, they initially worked similarly to pure resistances. However, they have tweaked to shape as another tier of resistance.

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