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A Quiet Place 2: Release Date, When Will Come Out?

The shooting of the sequel painting is in full swing.  A Quiet Place 2 part scheduled for spring 2021. The first film was voted one of the best horror films of 2018. The authors promise that the continuation will be even more impressive.

The exact date of release of the movie “Quiet Place” 2 part with the trailer, see below.

A Quiet Place 2 Plot

In the very near future, the Earth was captured by monsters. Nobody knows where they came from. The creatures have no eyesight, but they have a unique hearing that allows them to locate the victims even at great distances.

A Quiet Place 2 frame from the movie

Evelyn and Lee live on a secluded farm. They gradually get used to living in complete silence, learning to communicate with signs. The family has three children: daughter Regan, suffering from congenital deafness, and two sons, Bo and Marcus. All of them are too young to be fully aware of the mortal danger that every sound poses.

The family takes everything they need in the preserved stores of the nearest town, whose population was almost completely destroyed by monsters. Going on another grocery shopping trip Lee takes his youngest son Bo with him. The boy wants to take a toy starship, but his father categorically forbids it. However, Regan secretly gives his brother the spaceship and the batteries that Lee took out.

Having loaded with supplies, father and son return home. The toy hidden by the boy spontaneously turns on. Sounds attract monsters that drag Bo away. Parents have accepted the loss of their child, but Regan even a year later continues to blame himself for the death of his brother.

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Will the screening of the movie A Quiet Place 2 part

By this time Evelyn is preparing to give birth to a baby. Lee is equipping a shelter in the basement of the house, the walls of which are covered with sound-absorbing material. Now we can not be afraid that the monsters will hear the cry of the newborn.

One day Markus and his dad go fishing. Riga, taking advantage of their absence, leaves the house. On the way home, the fishermen meet an old man, mad in terror. The beasts killed his wife. Men’s screams attract monsters. While father and son were hiding from him, Evelyn started fighting. On her way to the basement, she broke the glass. The noise attracted the monster. The woman managed to light the lights warning her loved ones of danger. Her husband rushed to her aid, sending her son to start fireworks, the explosions of which will distract the monster.

Seeing the fireworks, Riga rushes home. On the way, she meets her brother. Near the farm, they are attacked by creatures. Lee, who went out to look for children, distracts the monsters but dies himself. Once in the house, her brother and sister notice that the monsters are afraid of the girl’s hearing aid. Now the heroes know how to fight against uninvited guests.

When exactly will the movie A Quiet Place 2 part

Those who wait patiently for A Quiet Place 2 to come out want to know where the monsters came from and how other people who managed to survive live. This is what the authors plan to dedicate the continuation of the picture.

Characters and voice-over

  • John Krasinski starred as the head of the Abbotov family, who also directed the film.
  • His wife Evelyn was played by Emily Blunt.
  • Noah Jup, Cade Woodward, and Millie Simmonds took over the roles of children of the married couple.
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Interesting facts about A Quiet Place 2

  1. A Quiet Place 2&nbsp release date to be announced closer to spring 2021. By the way, the first part appeared in domestic cinemas a week later than in the United States.
  2. They spent $17 million to shoot the first film. And in the world fees from views have exceeded 340 million.
  3. Stephen King himself praised the painting quite highly, calling it “an extraordinary work” and noticing that the shown would be enough for more than one film.

A Quiet Place 2 release date

NamePremiereIssue Date
A Quiet Place 2WorldApril 23, 2021

A Quiet Place 2 Trailer

A Quiet Place 2 review

Art Direction - 88%
Musical Accompaniment - 95%
Scenario and Dialogue - 68%
Special Effects and Graphics - 91%
Viewer Expectations - 72%
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