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After We Collided 3: When Is It Coming? Check Out Here!

The premiere of the popular youth melodrama sequel took place on September 17, 2020, and the audience already wants to know the release date after the 3rd part. At the beginning of work on the continuation of the picture reported performers of the main roles on the pages in social networks. And it is planned to remove not one, but two films. It is expected that in the future there may be a prequel of events described in these screen adaptations of novels fashion writer Anna Todd.

The exact date of release of the movie “After 3” with the trailer, you can see a little lower.

After We Collided 3 Plot

The question of whether there will be an exit After 3, the audience began to be asked before the sequel was shown. In the era of computer fantasy and superhero action movies, a dramatic love story suddenly became very popular. Although the plot does not differ in originality.

Date of issue After We Collected 3 part

Tessa Young becomes a college student. One day a girl has a dream where she meets a cute guy. And a few days later Tessa meets Hardin, who looks very much like the hero of her night vision.

The young man is popular with his peers, while his new acquaintance exposes himself as unwelcome, not even agreeing to a kiss. But the guy is persistent. He invites Tess to a date on the lake shore. Here Hardin achieves the first kiss and tells the girl that he has always dreamed of such a beauty. Young people start dating.

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When will the film After We Collected 3 be released exactly?

Soon boyfriend Tess Noah arrives at the campus. However, she does not hurry to meet him and goes on a date with Hardin. Upon hearing about it, Noah immediately returns to his hometown.

The mother of the main character was not delighted by her daughter’s new chosen one. The guy is known for his rebellious and slutty behavior. But Tess is in love up to his ears. A young man and a girl become close, after which Hardin touchingly confesses his beloved in romantic feelings.

Happiness collapses when the heroine learns from her friends that her beloved has slept with her, deciding to argue with her friends to prove that she will be able to seduce the unwary. Crushed by what she has heard, Tess leaves everything and goes home to make peace with her mother and Noah. She plans to leave the college.

Will the movie After We Collected 3 be released?

One of the teachers gives the girl a reading of Hardin’s work, where he describes a meeting with a beauty, which became the meaning of his life. The heroine comes to the lakeshore, where she meets her former lover. Now both know that their feelings are sincere. The young people are together again. But their happiness will be tested again. Tess has a rich admirer, ready to give her the whole world.

New surprises of fate await the heroes in the expected continuation of the film. Not all of them are pleasant. And the viewers familiar with Todd’s books are already discussing in detail when After We Collected 3 will be released.

After We Collided 3 Cast and voice-over

  • The role of the main character was performed by Josephine Langford.
  • Her partner in the film was Hiro Fines-Tiffin.
  • Traovra was played by Dylan Sprouse.
  • Charlie Weber starred as Christian.
  • The role of Kimberley went to Candice King.
  • The image of Trish on the screen was embodied by Louise Lombard.
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Interesting facts about After We Collected 3

  1. The number of copies of the novel by Anna Todd, which formed the basis of the original painting, exceeded 15 million.
  2. Domestic fans of the film are confident that the release date of After We Collected 3 will be the autumn of 2021.

After We Collided 3 release date

NamePremiereIssue Date
After We Collided 3World autumn 2021

After We Collided 3 Trailer

After We Collided 3 review

Art Direction - 92%
Musical Accompaniment - 85%
Scenario and Dialogue - 74%
Special Effects and Graphics - 55%
Viewer Expectations - 67%
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