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Aquaman 2: Release Date, When Will Come Out?

Preparation for the beginning of shooting the continuation of the universe’s movie has already begun. The date of the release of Aquaman 2 was previously scheduled for the end of 2022. On the plans of “Warner Bros.” show the second part was announced back in January 2019.

The exact date of release of the film “Aquaman” 2 part with the trailer, see below.

Aquaman 2 Plot

A separate story of “Waterman” was planned to be filmed in different years. But the plot required complex special effects. Only after 2010, there were technologies that allow you to shoot a bright, realistic picture of the hero of comics, ruling the underwater world.

Will the Aquaman 2 film be shown?

His story began when a lonely lighthouse keeper – Tom – after a violent storm found a beautiful woman on the shore in strange attire, clutching an unusual weapon in her hand. The man took her to the house. A little later, he finds out that he saved the queen of the underwater kingdom – Atlanna.

She remains to live with her savior, having fallen in love with him. The feeling is mutual. The couple has a son, Arthur. And a few years after the birth of the boy, messengers from the ocean depths come to Atlanna to bring the queen home.

Aquaman 2 frame from the movie

Arthur stays with his father, but his mother asked his close friend Vulko to teach him everything that an heir to the underwater throne should know and be able to do. The boy becomes an invincible warrior, improves his skills of moving underwater at an unprecedented speed, and learns the language of sea animals.

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Becoming an adult, the hero becomes a protector of people whose life and work are connected with the sea. One day he rescues Russian submariners from sea pirates. As a result of this mission, the ringleader of the Kane Flibustiers-Kainpogib and his son David swore revenge on the direct perpetrator of his father’s death.

When the Aquaman 2 film will be released exactly

All those who wondered when Aquaman 2 would come out remember how, after the intense events of the first part, it turned out that Kane managed to survive and ended up with Dr. Sheen, who wanted to prove the existence of the mythical Atlantis. David agreed to tell the scientist everything about the underwater kingdoms, demanding only that he finds out where Arthur is.

Doubt whether Aquaman 2 will be shown. And the events of the sequel are likely to unfold around the confrontation between the inhabitants of the underwater world and people.

Aquaman 2 Cast and voice-over

  • Arthur Curry, the main character (Jason Momoa). Son of the Queen of Atlanna and man. For a long time, he refused to take the throne, but after a series of events, he agreed to lead the underwater world to prevent war with the people.
  • Bride of Arthur Orma’s brother, Amber Hurd. One of the initiators of the replacement of the last main character on the throne of Atlantis.
  • Wulco (Willem Defo). Friend and Advisor of Atlanna.
  • Orm (Patrick Wilson). The younger brother of Arthur, who took the throne. Intended to unleash war with mankind, but was defeated by the main hero and arrested.
  • Nerei (Dolph Lundgren). Father of Merah. Ruler of one of the underwater states.
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Interesting facts about Aquaman 2

  1. The release date of Aquaman 2 will be the world premiere day. There is a great interest in the film. The first part of the CIS countries has collected almost 20 million dollars.
  2. 160 million were spent on the shooting of the pilot pictures, and cash charges worldwide amounted to 1.15 billion dollars.
  3. Critics noted that, like most superhero blockbusters, the film does not attract intrigue and dialogue, but realistic visual effects that transport the viewer to the underwater world.
  4. The work on the horror film based on the first film about Arthur began. The film will talk about the monsters that inhabit the Deep.

Aquaman 2 release date

NamePremiereIssue Date
Aquaman 2WorldDecember 16, 2022

Aquaman 2 Trailer

Unfortunately, the trailer is not available yet. When Aquaman 2 is released as an official trailer, we will definitely add it. In the meantime, we suggest remembering what the first film was about.