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Bird Box 2 release date: Plot and Everything you should know

Projects from Netflix are constantly heating up the interest of viewers. Now most fans of post-apocalyptic genres are worried about the date of Bird Box 2. The end of the first film, realized in 2018, is encouraging because of the final intrigues and gives a thick hint of continuation. Too many questions puzzled the audience when watching the first part.

The exact release date of the movie “Bird Box 2” with the trailer, see below.

Bird Box Plot

The world is immersed in chaos. People commit suicide when they see something terrible. Malory and her children will face the most dangerous adventure of their lives. A woman tries to get to the surviving commune, but the way there will not be easy. You will have to navigate blindly because this is the only way to be saved.

Movie release date Bird Box 2 part

Malory puts on a blindfold for herself and the children, preparing to meet the unexplainable. Taking a box of birds on the road, the woman begins a dangerous journey.

Since the history of the painting left a lot of options for further developments, the release date of Bird Box 2 puzzled all who watched the first part. Despite the absence of official statements from Netflix fans of post-apocalyptic drama do not lose hope. Many suggest that the second part will reveal the secret of the eerie supernatural creatures. And it will show a new period of time in the film, shifting attention to the growing children of the main character. However, so far, this is just a guess.

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Will the release of the film Bird Box 2

An unusual science-fiction picture is based on a novel by Josh Malerman. He confessed that he was afraid of an unsuccessful comparison with the filming. However, it turned out to be the other way around, since the film was released and repeated many storylines quite accurately. That is why the fans of the book and the film expect to see a new sequel.

The theme of doomsday does not lose its relevance. And the new masterpiece, aged in the best traditions of horror, has not gone unnoticed.

Critics noted that the film’s creators were able to achieve a fairly accurate film adaptation of the book. They called the film a successful adaptation. Positive reviews of critics and the desire of viewers to see an unbreakable plot made the first picture one of the most expected in 2018.

When exactly will the movie Bird Box 2 be released?

It’s no wonder that the film broke all records in terms of viewings. In this regard, the question of when the Bird Box 2 part will be released is extremely relevant. The successful selection of actors for the main characters was another “plus” that was noticed by film critics.

Characters and voice-over

  • Malory (Sandra Bullock). Pregnant artist. After learning about mass suicides, she decides to flee the city.
  • Jessica (Sarah Paulson). Sister of the main character. Subsequently, she will become another suicide victim.
  • Douglas (John Malkovich). A new acquaintance of Mallory.
  • Tom (Trevante Roads). The man who helped the main heroine.

Interesting facts about Bird Box 2

  1. The film is a successful adaptation of a novel by Josh Malerman. This is how the critics responded to the picture.
  2. According to Netflix, the first part of the film was the most-watched film among other films, leaving behind even the most notorious series.
  3. In one of his interviews, Josh Malerman said that he was not allowed to share information about the release of the second film. However, he hinted that he had already sat down to write a sequel. That is why the question of whether Bird Box 2 will be shown can be answered in the affirmative.
  4. The painting broke the records of “Very Strange Cases” and “Mysterious Murder”, winning the love of 80 million viewers.
  5. This film is the second joint work of two actresses – Bullock and Paulson. Around the same time, they were involved in the crime comedy “8 of Ocean’s friends”.
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Bird Box 2 release date

NamePremiereIssue Date
Bird Box 2Worldlate 2021 - early 2022

Bird Box 2 Trailer

Unfortunately, the trailer is not available yet. When the official Bird Box 2 movie is released, we will definitely add it. In the meantime, we suggest that you remember what was in the first part of the film.

Bird Box 2 review

Art Direction - 88%
Musical Accompaniment - 75%
Scenario and Dialogue - 80%
Special Effects and Graphics - 76%
Viewer Expectations - 85%
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