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Black Widow: Release Date, When Will Come Out?

Fans of the Marvel universe have waited. The release date of the Black Widow in the United States was announced on May 7, 2021. Finally, all the details of the appearance of the heroine in a pleiad of superheroes will be known. She flashed in different paintings, but only as a secondary character.

The exact date of release of the movie “Black Widow” with the trailer, see a little below.

Black Widow Plot

Natasha was born during Soviet times in Volgograd. She was fond of ballet, attended sports sections, and studied excellently. She was chosen to be a KGB super agent. Natalia’s first husband, Alexey Shostakov, was in fact a mutated man known as the Red Guard. During the testing of the new heavy weapon, he died.

Black Widow frame from the movie

The heroine is injected with a composition similar to the substance that turned Rogers into Captain America. The drug has slowed down the aging of the body and repeatedly strengthened the abilities acquired in the secret KGB school.

The heroine becomes a resident of the KGB in the United States. The Americans call her Natasha Romanoff or Rushman. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia’s new authorities are trying to eliminate her as too much of a knowledgeable agent.

Will there be a screening of the Black Widow movie

Waiting for the Black Widow to come out a little. So far it is known that events will unfold in 2006 after the story described in the blockbuster “Confrontation. The past does not let Natasha go. She will have to deal with his shadows once and for all.

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When exactly will the Black Widow movie be released

To do this, she will return to Russia to prevent those who distorted her fate from continuing to ruin the lives of other girls. In her homeland, Natalia will meet with the team of the secret project “Red Room”.

Black Widow Cast and voice-over

The cast was known long before the release date of Marvel Black Widow was announced. They will appear on the screen:

  • The main character played by Scarlett Johansson. The actress agreed to take part in filming back in 2011, provided that the audience agrees.
  • The role of Alexey Shostakov – mutant nicknamed Red Guard – was performed by David Harbor.
  • The role of Mason went to O.T. Fagbenley.
  • In Elena Belova, recruited as a new Black Widow, Florence Pugh was reincarnated.
  • The audience will also see in the film the Iron Man performed by Robert Downey Jr.

Interesting facts about Black Widow

  1. The date of release of Black Widow was planned for the spring of 2021.
  2. The film was directed by Kate Shortland, who shot “Our Secret Life” and “Silence”.
  3. The heroine got her name by analogy with the name of the genus of spiders, whose females often eat males after mating. And in the story of the comic book, all of Natasha’s husbands die from various factors.
  4. Filming began at the end of May 2019 in Norway. Then the creative team moved to England, continuing work in one of the British studios. The day of completion of the work on the picture was October 7. This speed is due to the coordinated work of the director’s team and the cast, from the first days, came to a full understanding.
  5. The first trailer appeared on the Network on December 3.
  6. According to the Fandango service, which sells tickets to the premiere, the film took second place in the list of the most anticipated film projects in 2020. And the rating of expectations from the Russian site Film Search is 97%.
  7. Many of Marvel’s young universe admirers were alarmed by a rumor that the film would be rated R, meaning that only an adult accompanied person under 17 would be able to come to the premiere. However, the producers have denied this information.
  8. Initially, the comic book film was planned to be shot by the company LGE, which bought the rights to the film in 2004. But in 2006, the work that had begun was suspended, and the new owner of the rights became Magnesel.
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Black Widow release date

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Black WidowWorld2021

Black Widow Trailer