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Captain Marvel 2: Release Date, Plot and Everything you should know

The producer of the first part of Kevin Faigi back in the summer of 2019 announced that the film’s sequel is already in development.  Captain Marvel 2 release date scheduled for 2022. It is known that the shooting will be headed by a female director, but so far her name has not been given. Perhaps it will be Angelina Jolie, who was offered to shoot the first film.

For the exact release date of “Captain Marvel 2” with the trailer, see the article below.

Captain Marvel 2 Plot

This superhero action movie took second place among the films of the universe Marvel. Genre fans even before the premiere of the first episode were wondering if the Captain Marvel 2. Faiga message dispelled doubt. The producer also told that the action of the sequel will unfold in the present, will be the end of the plot of the first picture and will tell about the accession of the main character to the detachment of Avengers.

Captain Marvel movie release date 2 part

And history began in 1995. Carol Danvers, the pilot of the elite squadron of the interplanetary empire of Crea, suffers from nightmares. In her rambling dreams flicker passages of incomprehensible events. The heroine begins to suspect that she was not always an officer of the imperial air force and had superpowers.

During another combat flight, Carol finds herself in captivity at the Skrulls, with which Kria has been at war for many years. Thalos, Commander-in-Chief of this race, initiates research aimed at finding information in the memory of Danvers about a powerful engine that can help the Krulls to find a new homeland.

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Will the release film Captain Marvel 2 part

Carol managed to escape from the laboratory and leave the ship of his enemies on one of the star boats. The girl goes off course, and her ship is wrecked in the Earth’s atmosphere. Agents from this community kill one of the Skrulls sent in pursuit of the pilot, and Carol finds an artifact in her hands with her memories restored by the Skrulls during the girl’s captivity.

Danvers will learn that she used to serve in the Air Force of the Earth. Now she will fight against the fleet of Crea, seeking to destroy humanity. Danvers forces the invaders to retreat. And later announces that he is going to help the Krulls to find a new home. Carol hopes that after that the wars in the universe will stop.

When the Captain Marvel 2 part is released exactly

These events prompted the S.I.T. leadership to create a new community to prevent alien threats. It was called the Avengers, named after the Danvers ship.

Fans of the comic book universe, waiting for the release of Captain Marvel 2, hoped that the film would be shown in 2021. But the global crisis that has also affected the film industry has broken the plans of many studios. In addition to this film in 2022 is planned to premiere four more projects of the company Marvel, the appearance of which was expected earlier.

Characters and voice-over

  • Carol Danvers (Bree Larson). Earthforce Air Force pilot. After unsuccessful tests, the new engine acquired superpowers and ended up on another planet.
  • Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson). S.I.T. agent protecting Earth from an alien invasion.
  • Maria Rambo (Lachana Lynch). Carol’s best friend and colleague in the Air Force.
  • Talos (Ben Mendelson). Leader of the Krull race. Able to transform into any creature.
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Interesting facts about Captain Marvel 2

  1. Because of Bree Larson’s longstanding statements about sexual and racial discrimination among critics, the ultra-right groups in the U.S. have arranged for the actresses to be harassed online. In addition to threats and insults in social networks against her, the hijackers tried to artificially lower the film’s waiting list to cause the premiere to fail. But this campaign did not prevent the success of the premiere.
  2. The Cashier’s fees for the first part exceeded 1.1 billion dollars.
  3. The release date of Captain Marvel 2 will be one of the days of July 2022, if the creators’ plans do not change.

Captain Marvel 2 release date

NamePremiereIssue Date
Captain Marvel 2WorldJuly 7, 2022

Captain Marvel 2 Trailer

Captain Marvel 2 review

Art Direction - 89%
Musical Accompaniment - 84%
Scenario and Dialogue - 80%
Special Effects and Graphics - 93%
Viewer Expectations - 91%
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