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Doctor Strange 2: Everything we know about the film

The management of the film company Marvel continues to develop the magical direction in its own population. Although not as many characters are associated with it as with the cosmic or urban facets of the universe, the Scarlet Witch and the Supreme Magician of the Earth are some of the strongest characters fighting on the side of the Avengers. Film comic admirers are looking forward to the Doctor Strange 2 release date, which is to enter the 4th phase of KVM.

Since the first film paid off well, the creators decided to shoot a sequel. See the exact release date of Doctor Strange 2 with the trailer at the bottom of our article.

Doctor Strange Plot

Dr. Strange is a brilliant neurosurgeon. But in a car accident, he severely damaged his hands. Doctors’ predictions are disappointing: he can never go back to practice. The hero himself understands this very well, but continues to hope for a miracle. When he hears about the inexplicable healing of a man with a spinal injury, he finds him and finds out that he was cured in the mysterious Kamar Taj.

Doctor Strange frame from the movie

Stephen throws everything, goes on a journey, and finds a mysterious doctor. But realizing that Pangborn the Ancient, who cured her, offers treatment with magic, he makes her laugh. Then the Ancient demonstrates her skills, sending the spirit of the hero to see for himself the existence of a multi-popular. Having returned, Stephen is no longer trying to laugh at the existence of magic. He is stunned, confused, nevertheless, ready to stay as a student in Kamar-Taja.

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Doctor Strange film picture

Now the Elder of Mages does not want to see him. Doctors are thrown out into the street and only after the intervention of Mordeaux, impressed with the perseverance of the hero, he is let back in. Strange starts his studies without showing any talent, which is very annoying to him. Ancient, however, is an experienced teacher. She manages to break the disbelief and insecurity of her student. Soon the hero gets two mighty artifacts. But if the cloak of levitation himself chose Stephen, then the Eye of Agamotto man appropriated without demand, for which he received a reprimand from the librarian Wong and master Mordeaux.

However, the last artifact helped the hero to prevent the invasion of the Dark Dimension Lord Dormam. The Elder, unfortunately, has not lived up to this point. She died in a fight with Kecilius, who was in collusion with Dormammo. Now, the Supreme Magician becomes Dr. Strange himself. In this capacity, he performs in other films franchise, the War of Infinity, and the Finale.

When will Doctor Strange be released?

To find out what we will talk about in the continuation, we will have to wait until Dr. Stranoch 2 comes out. Marvel’s team doesn’t like to share the details of the story before the film’s release. But judging by the title In multi-centered madness and the presence in the continuation of the Scarlet Witch, you can make some assumptions. Wanda, who has recently lost (by her own feeling), may have been mentally damaged. Given that she is also a very strong magician, this could have had unpredictable consequences. This theory is also supported by the fact that the film will be closely linked to the series Wanda-Vizen, which is also under development.

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Characters and voice-over

  • Dr. Stephen Strange, once a brilliant neurosurgeon. After an injury, he enters the Ancients of Days and becomes a no less talented magician, who later took the place of the Supreme Wizard.
  • The Scarlet Witch is Wanda Maximoff, one of the two twins who received their abilities from the Stone of Mind. She possesses telepathy, telekinesis, and loses her beloved Vizhena in the battle with Tanos.
  • Wong is a sorcerer, an associate of the doctor.
  • Closer to the Doctor Strange release date other characters of the upcoming movie will be known for sure.

Interesting facts about Doctor Strange

  • In the new film, fans are waiting for the appearance of a powerful villain from comics – Nightmare.
  • Benedict Cumberbatch, who played the role of Stephen, did not even know about the existence of this character before he was invited to the project.
  • The release date of Doctor Strange was announced at San Diego Comic-Con. We await the return of the Supreme Mage in the spring of 2022.

Doctor Strange 2 release date

NamePremiereIssue Date
Doctor Strange 2worldMarch 24, 2022

Doctor Strange 2 Trailer

Unfortunately, the trailer will appear later. When Doctor Strange 2 official trailer is released, we will definitely add it. In the meantime, we offer you to see a brief overview.

Doctor Strange review

Art Direction - 76%
Musical Accompaniment - 71%
Scenario and Dialogue - 70%
Special Effects and Graphics - 86%
Viewer Expectations - 74%
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