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Dracula Untold 2: Everything we know about the film

There is no truthful information about the date of release of Dracula Untold 2 with Luke Evansompok. It was planned that the first film would be the beginning of a grandiose project about monsters of the universe Universal, following the example of films from Marvel. But, after the premiere, the film about the most famous vampire was decided to be considered a separate product. Therefore, the appearance of the sequel is quite acceptable, but it is unlikely to be released before 2021.

The exact release date of the movie “Dracula Untold 2” with the trailer, see below.

Dracula Untold 2 Plot

The question of whether the release of Dracula Untold 2 part, worries viewers from 2014. That’s when the first movie was released. It was one of the few screen adaptations of a medieval legend, in which the protagonist is not exposed as an angry, bloodthirsty monster.

Movie release date Dracula Untold 2

The Duchy of Wallachia, after the conquest by the Turks, paid tribute not only in money. The rulers were obliged to replenish the sultan’s army by sending teenagers who, after training, joined the ranks of the janissaries. One such young man was the son of Prince Vlad.

After many years of endless wars for the interests of the Ottoman Empire, he returned to his homeland to occupy the throne of his deceased father. Vlad becomes a just ruler, supported by his subjects and nicknamed Cepesh. One day, the young prince, while in the mountains, witnessed a human-like monster slaughtering a detachment of Ottoman scouts.

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Will the output film Dracula Untold 2 part

When he returned home, Vlad did not tell anyone about what had happened, so as not to frighten the population of the Principality. A few days later, the Sultan’s ambassadors arrived in the capital of Wallachia demanding another 1000 boys for the army. At the sultan’s request, the son of the ruler must also be included in their number. Vlad has to agree.

However, at the last moment, the prince changed his mind, interrupted the Turkish detachment, and released his son. This action meant the beginning of a war with a powerful empire. The main character comes to the monster’s cave and asks to give him the strength to fight against the numerous enemy army. The monster agrees but warns that Vlad has three days. If during this time he will hold back and will not drink blood, he will remain human. Otherwise, it will become the embodiment of true evil.

When exactly will be released the movie Dracula Untold 2 part

The ruler of Wallachia thundered the Turkish army. But one of the detachments manages to take the monastery, where the Tepesha family took refuge. When he got here, his wounded wife was in death. The ruler had to drink her blood to gain strength for the last battle with the sultan. He defeated the enemy but condemned himself to eternal life on the side of evil.

In the final scene of the film, Cepesh is shown already in the modern world, where he meets a woman who was in the soul of his wife, who died a few centuries ago. And the monster who endowed Vlad with immortality announces the beginning of the game. Many viewers saw this hint of a sequel and now wait for the release of Dracula Untold 2 part.

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Characters and voice-over

  • The main role was played by Luke Evans.
  • Vlad’s wife, Mirena, was played by Sarah Gadon.
  • Dominik Cooper starred as Sultan Mehmed.
  • The role of Admiral Hamza-bei went to Ferdinand Kingsley.
  • Monk Lucian played Paul Kay.
  • The role of Cepesh’s son, Ingeras, was performed by Art Parkinson.

Interesting facts about Dracula Untold 2

  1. Removal of the first part began at the end of summer 2013 in Northern Ireland. Prime Minister was scheduled for August 8, 2014. Then moved to October. The exact date has changed several times. As a result, stopped at number 10.
  2. The budget of the painting was about 70 million dollars. And box office receipts in the world exceeded 217.1 million.
  3. Give the release of Dracula Untold 2 part will be able to reason only after it is known the fate of the film.

Dracula Untold 2 release date

NamePremiereIssue Date
Dracula Untold 2worldno information yet

Dracula Untold 2 Trailer

Unfortunately, the trailer is not available yet. When “Dracula Untold 2” is released as an official trailer, we will definitely add it. In the meantime, we suggest that you remember what was in the first part of the film.

Dracula Untold 2 review

Art Direction - 86%
Musical Accompaniment - 78%
Scenario and Dialogue - 81%
Special Effects and Graphics - 89%
Viewer Expectations - 71%
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