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The post-apocalyptic is a genre of feature films that never loses its appeal. The splinter genre of zombie apocalypse also has many fans, despite the similarity of the plots of most films, noted by critics. The film I, a legend based on a book of the same name, has become a prominent representative of this subgenre. The date of the release of I – Legend 2 has been awaited since the release of the first part, but it has not been defined exactly yet.

For the exact release date of I Am Legend 2 with the trailer, see the bottom of our article.

I Am Legend 2 Plot

Scientists have been fighting against cancer for many years. Finally, their efforts are successful – the vaccine has been found and tested on humans. Only the drug has a side effect… Three years after the vaccine started to be used, New York City will not know. The noisy and crowded city is completely empty. From dawn to dusk, its streets are deserted, and at night new hosts, bloodthirsty half-vampires-zombies with a high sensitivity to sunlight and a furious desire to kill.

I am a legend 2 frames from a movie.

Robert Neville is a former military medic who has been bypassed by a new attack. The rest of the people, including all of his loved ones, were infected and became monsters. Now he is in the company of faithful shepherd Sam, surviving in a city full of monsters. The hero tried to find other survivors, whom the virus also could not defeat, but all the searches were in vain.

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Robert has equipped a laboratory where he tests the caught non-humans in an effort to find a cure for the virus. He takes his own blood as a basis for the serum: if the virus has not affected him, it means that there are antibodies in the blood. Over time, the hero begins to realize that zombies begin to smart and try to speed up the research. At the moment when he is attacked by night monsters, two more survivors come to the man’s aid.

I am a legend 2 film picture

The plot of the new painting, contrary to expectations, will tell not about the fate of Anna and Ethan, but about the earlier events preceding the first part. The date of release I – Legend 2 has not been defined yet and the details are kept secret, but it will talk about the beginning of infection of the Earth’s population with a new virus.

Characters and voice-over

The story will be told on behalf of the main character of the first part – Lieutenant Colonel Robert Neville. A man serves in the army medical service, he is confident and purposeful. Robert carefully monitors his health and keeps in excellent physical shape. Even left alone in a city full of living dead, he does not stop his daily training. At the same time, the hero is a talented physician and experimenter, otherwise, he would not have been able to develop a decontamination vaccine himself.

When the film is released I am the Legend 2

In the first film, the role of Robert was played by Will Smith. Fans hope that he will return to the second part, but the actor’s participation in the project is still in question. There are rumors that he is not burning with the desire to continue in the series. But Will hasn’t given an exact answer yet, so we can hope that the creators will manage to interest him.

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Interesting facts about I Am Legend 2

I am a legend, the first part is one of the few films warmly received by fans of the book, despite the significant discrepancies with the original source. After the premiere of the film, fans were looking forward to the release date of I – Legend 2, but the creators said that the sequel is not planned to shoot, even in a separate future. They did not break their word: the new film will not be a sequel, but the prequel of the original. Initially, the film had a more optimistic ending, but the positive outcome did not please the audience, and the last scenes had to be shot.

I Am Legend 2 release date

NamePremiereIssue Date
I Am Legend 2World2022

I Am Legend 2 Trailer

Unfortunately, the trailer will appear later. When I Am Legend 2 is released official trailer, we will definitely add it. In the meantime, we suggest watching a short film review.

I Am Legend 2 review

Art Direction - 77%
Musical Accompaniment - 80%
Scenario and Dialogue - 87%
Special Effects and Graphics - 88%
Viewer Expectations - 77%
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