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Life 2 release date: Plot and Everything you should know

The authors were hoping for greater commercial success in the first film. But the box office receipts pushed the release of Life 2 part indefinitely. Although the final implies a continuation. It remains to wait for news from Columbia Pictures.

The exact date of release of the Life 2 movie with the trailer, see below.

Life 2 Plot

The crew of the space station is working on Mars exploration. A capsule with soil samples of the Red Planet is returned to the ISS. In the study of the material, scientists find a protein compound that is rapidly evolving into a representative of a biological species called “Calvin” astronauts.

Life 2 frame from the movie

This discovery is the first step in confirming the theory that mankind is not alone in the solar system. Calvin is growing day by day. It turned out that in the airless space of Mars, the cells of the body fell into a state of anabiosis. Under the influence of oxygen and heat, the creature “woke up”. One day, there was an accident in the laboratory, the camera where Calvin was placed was depressurized and the alien stopped showing signs of life. One of the crew members tried to revive the alien with an electric discharge.

Will there be a screening of Life 2

Fans of fiction, wondering when Life 2 part will come out, remember that after the shocker Martian attacked the crew. The astronauts tried to destroy Calvin, but he managed to escape. Through one of the engines, the alien again penetrates into the ISS, killing the crew members in turn, who has time to send a signal before the failure of communication systems.

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A shuttle is sent from Earth, whose task is to tow the ISS to outer space to secure the planet. But Calvin manages to kill the pilots. The two surviving astronauts, David and Miranda, decide to lure the creature into a rescue boat and launch the ship to remove Calvin from Earth orbit.

When the Life 2 movie comes out exactly

But the alien species attacks David, who controls the capsule, as a result of which it finds itself in the upper layers of the atmosphere and falls into the ocean. Fishermen notice the capsule and open it to help the astronaut.

This end raised a legitimate question about whether the Life 2 part of the show will be a part of it. Calvin is on Earth and will certainly start killing everyone who is around until he enslaves the planet. There were rumors that the scenario for the continuation was written. But there was no official confirmation.

Life 2 Cast and voice-over

  • Jake Gyllenhaal starred as Dr. David Jordan.
  • His colleague Miranda North was played by Rebecca Ferguson.
  • The role of flight engineer Rory Adams went to Ryan Reynolds.
  • Specialist in life support systems of ISS Murakami Show played Hiroyuki Sanada.
  • The role of the head of the space expedition Ekaterina Golovkina was played by Olga Dykhovichnaya.

Interesting facts about Life 2

  1. The first film was released in Russian cinemas on March 23, 2017. The release date of Life 2 will be called part-time on the condition of successful start and completion of shooting.
  2. The film is hardly commercially successful. Its budget was about 58 million dollars. And the charges all over the world have barely exceeded 100 million.
  3. Many viewers negatively commented on the picture because of its strong resemblance to the famous franchise “Alien”.
  4. Negative and laudatory feedback from critics and the audience was shared roughly in half. The average score on Rotten Tomatoes was 5.9 out of ten points. At Metasignis -54 out of 100. The visitors of CinemaScore called the movie an average, giving it a score of C+ at maximumA+ and minimum.
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Life 2 release date

NamePremiereIssue Date
Life 2Worldno information yet

Life 2 Trailer

Unfortunately, the trailer is not available yet. When the official Life 2 trailer is released, we will definitely add it. In the meantime, we suggest that you remember what was in 1 movie.

Life 2 review

Art Direction - 89%
Musical Accompaniment - 85%
Scenario and Dialogue - 69%
Special Effects and Graphics - 81%
Viewer Expectations - 82%
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