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Now You See Me 3: Release Date, When Will It Arrive Now?

“The Four Horsemen, a team of brilliant illusionists in the secret society of the Eye, have emerged from their former dangerous situation, which threatened them with death. Now they are again ready to return to the screens, to the delight of their admirers. The release date of Now You See Me 3, according to preliminary data, should be expected next year.

See only us, the exact release date of the movie Now You See Me 3 with the trailer, at the bottom of our article.

Now You See Me 3 Plot

The unknown decides to hire four brilliant illusionists to carry out a daring scam. As a result, the team commits not one but a whole series of crimes in front of a large audience. The troupe steals a huge sum from the bank vault, scattering it around the auditorium. Then it transfers the money from the insurance company’s accounts to the audience. Dylan Rhodes and Alma Dray follow the criminals, but they cannot be apprehended.

Now You See Me 3 frame from the movie

Bradley himself was an illusionist in the past but now prefers to run a program to expose them. Hired by the owner of an insurance company, he joins the pursuers. The agents are trying to prevent the next crime, but the Horsemen are bypassing them again. The money was stolen from a locked safe right under the nose of the FBI. The whole amount is soon found, and it is in Bradley’s car. Already in prison, the former illusionist guesses that Rhodes is in collusion with the criminals. He was the secret employer of the Four Horsemen.

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Now You See Me 3 movie picture

Thus, he took revenge on those responsible for the death of his father, including Bradley. Now his father is avenged, and the illusionists become members of the Eye secret society. Heroes reduce activity and try to keep a low profile. But now Walter, son of the owner of Tressler insurance company, is going to take revenge. The twin brother of one of the illusionists joins him. Chase had already caused his brother trouble, but now he decided to join the revenge not only for him but for the whole company.

When the movie Now You See Me 3 is released.

By kidnapping the illusionists, Chase forces them to take the job on behalf of Walter, who has not revealed his relationship with the owner of the insurance company. However, the assignment turns out to be a set-up. In order to avoid death, the heroes have to use all their skills. The team is helped by new allies, the owners of the trick store, Lee, and his grandmother. As it turns out in the final, they also represent the “Eye”.

The release date of Now You See Me 3 is expected next year. Surely “Four Horsemen” will have new adventures, and the audience – new tricks on the verge of a real miracle.

Now You See Me 3 Cast and voice-over

  • Four riders are Daniel Atlas, Henley Reeves, Merrit McKinney, and Jack Wilder. Famous and talented magicians, members of the secret society “Eye”.
  • Dylan Rhodes is an FBI agent, as it turned out, also a member of Oka. He is the son of Lionel Shrike, a famous illusionist who died performing a complex trick.
  • It is not yet known who will be the main antagonist of the new project. To find out who will have to confront the Four Horsemen, you will have to wait until Now You See Me 3 is released.
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Interesting facts about Now You See Me 3

  • The first part of the project was generally successful, which allowed the creators to announce the release date of Now You See Me 3 a year before the release of the second film. However, the second part received much lower ratings, which may be the reason for the lack of information on it.
  • One of the new actors to join the project is Benedict Cumberbatch. The character he will perform is not yet known. Ayla Fisher, who played in the first movie but refused to participate in the second, is unlikely to join the shooting of
  • Nobody has the exact date of the film Now You See Me 3 yet, but it is likely to take place next year.

Now You See Me 3 release date

NamePremiereIssue Date
Now You See Me 3moved

Now You See Me 3 Trailer

Unfortunately, the trailer will appear later. When Now You See Me 3 is released as the official trailer, we will definitely add it. In the meantime, we offer to watch a preview of the upcoming movie.

Now You See Me 3 review

Art Direction - 66%
Musical Accompaniment - 61%
Scenario and Dialogue - 87%
Special Effects and Graphics - 73%
Viewer Expectations - 89%
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