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Pacific Rim 3 release date: Plot and Everything you should know

Monsters and robots are rarely seen in the same film. The former belong rather to horrors, the latter to fantastic films. But there are happy exceptions as well. One of them is just waiting for its continuation: the release date of Pacific Rim 3 is already announced.

For the exact release date of Pacific Rim 3 with the trailer, please see the bottom of our article.

Pacific Rim 3 Plot

Some mysterious aliens have decided to conquer our planet. For this purpose, they opened a portal connecting the two worlds, and sent through it scouts – huge monster-kaju. People, in order not to be destroyed, constantly have to repel brutal attacks. But the forces are clearly unequal: monsters easily crush the defensive lines of human soldiers.

Pacific Frontier 3 frame from a movie

To protect the governments of a number of countries, they create a joint project and start producing giant robotic mechs called “huntsmen”. Each of them is controlled by two pilots, connected by neural bridge: one person with a huge machine simply cannot cope. As pilots have to interact with each other’s memories, preference is given to those people, whose connection is already strong. For example, the twins.

pacific border 3 film picture

The program almost turns out to be curtailed when monster attacks are amplified: the management of earthlings decides instead of creating expensive and difficult to control giants, it is decided to build a protective wall. It will fence off the dangerous area of the Pacific Ocean and protect it from invasion. At least, it seemed so to people. But the program had to be revived when it turned out that these monsters are only a test of the earthlings’ strength. Much more terrible creatures will come for them.

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It was difficult, but people managed to close the rift by arranging a nuclear explosion inside. However, a traitor remained on Earth, and the war broke out again. This time, a whole network of portals with monsters opened. People managed to react and close most portals before the invasion, but three monsters managed to get out. At the cost of great sacrifice and effort, people managed to stop them too.

When the film is released Pacific Boundary 3

Portals are closed, monsters are defeated, the traitor is captured and isolated. But the threat of a kaju invasion is still hanging over the Earth. The best defense is an attack, and people decide on a desperate plan. The next battle is not far off, but it will happen on the enemy’s territory.

Characters and voice-over

Waiting for the release of Pacific Rim 3, remember the characters of the first parts of the franchise.

  • Riley Beckett – pilot of one of the “huntsman”, who lost his twin brother in the battle. He left the service, but later returned and managed to close the portal, blowing it up.
  • Stacker Pentecost – Marshal of Earth defenders, one of the oldest pilots.
  • Jake Pentecost is his son, also a “gamekeeper” pilot. He stopped the second invasion, destroying the mega-Kaju.
  • Mako Mori is Riley’s partner in the operation to destroy the portal. She later dies in a battle with a hybrid of kaiju and a robot created with the participation of an earthly traitor.
  • Amara Namani is a pilot of a single-seat “gamekeeper”, a co-pilot of Jake in the operation to destroy mega-kijou.
  • Newton Geisler – biologist, employee of Shao Industries. After a series of brain experiments, kaizu became a traitor and prepared a second invasion of the Earth by monsters.
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Interesting facts about Pacific Rim 3

  • Legendary Pictures, owner of the Kaizu Universe, has long planned to unite film plots by crossovers. In March next year comes out Godzilla vs. Kong, in future plans – crossover with the Pacific abroad.
  • The film company has already announced the approximate release date of Pacific Rim 3. Presumably, it is the summer of 2021.

Fans will not have to guess when Pacific Rim 3 will come out. The date is known for sure:

Pacific Rim 3 release date

NamePremiereIssue Date
Pacific Rim 3WorldJuly 18, 2021

Pacific Rim 3 Trailer

Unfortunately, but the trailer will appear later. When “Pacific Rim 3” is released as an official trailer, we will definitely add it. In the meantime, we offer to watch a brief overview of the future film.

Pacific Rim 3 review

Art Direction - 82%
Musical Accompaniment - 81%
Scenario and Dialogue - 68%
Special Effects and Graphics - 91%
Viewer Expectations - 85%
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