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Rush Hour 4 release date: Plot and Everything you should know

Recent years are rich in unexpected returns. Not only modern projects are continued, but also those franchises, which have long been considered completed. Soon, the fastest fist of the east with the most chatty mouth of the west will meet again on the widescreen. The approximate release date of the film Rush Hour 4 has already been announced.

For the exact release date of Rush Hour 4 with the trailer, please see the bottom of our article.

Rush Hour 4 Plot

The first meeting between Inspector Lee and Detective Carter took place in 1998. Then the heroes were involved in the investigation of the abduction of the daughter of the Chinese ambassador. And if the participation of Inspector Li insisted on the Ambassador himself, his partner was appointed by the FBI. Officially – to help navigate to an unfamiliar detective from Hong Kong Los Angeles. In fact – to distract him and prevent him from interfering with the Bureau’s work. The FBI believes that the case is not so complicated and they themselves will perfectly cope with the girl’s release.

Rush Hour 4 frame from the movie

The heroes are offended by such neglect. They start their own searches. While the FBI has to agree to a ransom, they find out the true culprit of what happened. True, at the cost of numerous destructions. The heroes manage to detain the kidnapper, save the girl, as well as to survive in the shootout.

The next investigation begins in Hong Kong and continues in Las Vegas. The heroes are once again to meet with representatives of the Triad: this time, they need to stop the activities of counterfeiters. The scoundrels have received stamps that allow them to receive high-quality duplicates, almost indistinguishable from real banknotes. The detectives will meet with two charming, deadly women: the criminal Hu Lee and the secret agent Isabella Molina. Once again, the villains are defeated, and the heroes triumph.

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Rush Hour 4 film picture

Three years later, the confrontation will resume in Paris. Now the attackers’ goal is not only the ambassador and his daughter, but also the detectives themselves. Too often they interfered in the Triad to get away with impunity. The ambassador was already wounded, after which he almost died. So there is no doubt about the seriousness of the criminals’ intentions. But the heroes don’t give up: not only do they ruin the bandits’ plans once again, but they also manage to shame the French police, who planned to ascribe their services to themselves.

When will Rush Hour 4 be released

The next part was to send detectives on a new journey, this time – to the streets of Moscow. But the film company decided to cancel the release date of Rush Hour 4. Instead, a series about a brave but absurd couple came out. The project did not gain the popularity of widescreen movies and existed only one season. Now the creators plan to return to the main franchise and show us the new adventures of Inspector Lee and Detective Carter.

Characters and voice-over

  • Inspector Li is a Hong Kong policeman, a close friend, and later the bodyguard of Chinese Ambassador Han. He is serious, active, and has martial arts skills. At first, he does not take his partner seriously because of the latter’s talkativeness. In due course starts to trust him more, though periodic conflicts in a team continue.
  • Detective James Carter – a police officer from the United States. At the suggestion of the FBI joined his overseas colleague, but was annoyed when he learned that he should not help but hinder. He is talkative, self-confident, but also observant and witty. His unconventional thinking and willingness to act outside the protocol more than once helped the team.
  • For sure, the release date of Rush Hour 4 will open the names of other heroes as well; now the creators keep the plot in strict confidence.
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Interesting facts about Rush Hour 4

  • For those who are tired of waiting for Rush Hour 4 to come out, we hurry to announce that the premiere is scheduled for spring 2020.

Fans of this movie will not have to guess the release date of Rush Hour 4. You can watch it with us:

Rush Hour 4 release date

NamePremiereIssue Date
Rush Hour 4worldto be confirmed

Rush Hour 4 Trailer

Unfortunately, the trailer will appear later. When Rush Hour 4 is released as the official trailer, we will definitely add it. In the meantime, we offer you to watch a brief overview of the future movie.

Rush Hour 4 review

Art Direction - 76%
Musical Accompaniment - 84%
Scenario and Dialogue - 81%
Special Effects and Graphics - 89%
Viewer Expectations - 89%
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