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The Maze Runner 4: Release Date, When Will Come Out?

Despite the fact that the main plot is already completed, many fans of youth anti-utopias are looking forward to the release date of The Maze Runner 4. Such expectations are justified. The popular series of novels do have a fourth part, which is the prequel of the main trilogy. That’s why the audience is sure: the creators of the franchise just have to screen it to reveal the places of the story that were not marked in the released films.

The exact release date of The Maze Runner 4 movie with trailer, see below.

The Maze Runner 4 Plot

Thomas wakes up in an enclosed space, which later turns out to be an elevator. The appliance takes him to the Glade, surrounded by high walls. In the evenings, the walls are closed, tightly enclosing the inner space. Woe to the one who stayed the night outside the safe Glade – at this time in the surrounding Maze of his scary and deadly griverae appear.

The Maze Runner frame from the movie

Inside the Glade are about 60 young men who got there in the same elevator as Thomas. The hero quickly joins the general company, even if not everyone is a newcomer. Teenagers, as well as Thomas himself, do not remember anything from the past, yet many feel that the face of the newcomer is vaguely familiar to them. The hero himself feels his difference. At night, he dreams about an unknown girl and a female voice, repeating strange words.

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Will the release of The Maze Runner film

Thomas realizes that dreams are not accidental when the elevator brings that very girl to the Glade. Teresa recognizes the guy, and after an injection of the poison from the griver, some memories return to the hero himself. With horror, Thomas realizes that recently he was on the other side of the Maze walls and sent the guys inside as part of some experiment. Now he knows: the distrust of the gladers is quite justified.

When is the exact release of The Maze Runner?

Thomas is trying to figure out what is really going on and who is behind the inhuman research. The adventures of the hero, which began in the Labyrinth, will continue outside his walls. The guy will experience a lot of dangerous adventures. On the way to the truth, losses are inevitable. Is the truth worth losing his best friends?

The Maze Runner 4 release date will show the background to the events and tell you how Thomas became a researcher and why the Maze was needed.

The Maze Runner 4 Cast and voice-over

  • Thomas is a teenager who arrived at Glade the penultimate. Vaguely familiar to the other gliders: later it turns out that it was his boys who were seen before the shipment because he was one of those responsible for the experiment. Later on, he undertakes his own search for truth.
  • Teresa is the only girl on the test site. She arrives last, at untimely hours. In addition, she has kept some memories: she recognized Thomas immediately.
  • Gally is Thomas’ opponent from the very beginning of his appearance in the Labyrinth. When the others manage to leave the range, he remains, stung by the maneuver, and even tries to prevent the others from leaving. Later, it turns out that a hundred teenagers managed to escape.
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Presumably, the sequel will tell about Thomas’ life preceding the Maze. Whether it is so – we will know, waiting for the release of The Maze Runner 4.

Interesting facts about The Maze Runner

  1. Even before the release, experts and critics were sure that the film was guaranteed success. The assumptions were confirmed, the project did not become a sensation, but received positive reviews, as well as quite a large number of fans.
  2. At present, the series has received another unexpected continuation. In 2016, the fifth part of the book series was released.
  3. Fans began to wonder if the release of The Maze Runner 4, even before the premiere of the third part. According to unconfirmed reports, the premiere should take place in the fall of 2021.

The Maze Runner 4 release date

NamePremiereIssue Date
The Maze Runner 4World2021 (waiting for the announcement)

Warning! In the release date of “Running in the maze” 4 parts of possible changes or clarifications.

The Maze Runner 4 Trailer

Unfortunately, the trailer is not available yet. When the Maze Runner 4 part of the official trailer is released, we will definitely add it. In the meantime, we suggest watching a short overview of the future movie.

The Maze Runner review

Art Direction - 90%
Musical Accompaniment - 82%
Scenario and Dialogue - 80%
Special Effects and Graphics - 86%
Viewer Expectations - 65%
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