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The New Mutants 2: Release Date, Plot and Everything you should know

The long-suffering film about young mutants, which should be the last in the own movie franchise People X, is not in vain listed in it under the thirteenth number. The release date of the New Mutants was postponed so many times that you unwittingly start believing in the magic of an unhappy number. Shootings are already finished, and the actors involved are eagerly waiting for a reaction to their work – but the showing of the tape is all postponed. Recently, information has appeared about another postponement. On the one hand, it is rather unpleasant to extend the waiting time. On the other hand – after the purchase of Fox Disney, many people were afraid that the premiere will be canceled. But the developers have calmed the fans down: the release date of The New Mutants 2 was simply postponed to autumn 2020.

For the exact release date of The New Mutants 2 with the trailer, see the bottom of our article.

The New Mutants 2 Plot

Strange as it may seem, all this time the developers manage to keep the plot of the tape secret. Now a little more details are known about the film than was presented in the official trailer.

New mutants frame from the film

Evolution does not stand still, and more and more often mutants with superhuman abilities begin to appear among ordinary people. Externally, a mutant cannot be distinguished from a person, and its power is usually manifested only during puberty. But the first outbursts of abilities can be a shock both for the teenager and his relatives.

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When will New Mutants be released

Professor Charles Xavier, the most powerful mutant telepathist, gathers gifted children to teach them in his school. But some teenagers are too dangerous to keep them with others. They are sent to a special closed hospital to help them cope with their growing strength.

New mutants film picture

Dr. Cecilia Reyers faces a difficult task. Teenagers are scared and see the clinic staff not as saviors and helpers, but as another threat. The guys do not understand what is happening to them, but firmly believe that they are dangerous. In the past, their abilities have already manifested themselves, and for those around them, it ended in pain, or even death. Will they be able to cope with deadly talents and what is the real goal of the clinic staff – we’ll find out, waiting for the release date of People X: New Mutants.

Characters and voice-over

  • Magic – Ulyana Rasputina. A mutant with teleportation abilities. And it can move not only in space but also in time. The viewers are already familiar with one of the heroine’s relatives. The mighty Colossus from People X and Deadpool is the girl’s own brother, Peter Rasputin.
  • The wolf is Rayne Sinclair. As it follows from the nickname, a girl can turn into a wolf. Born in a troubled family, the heroine was brought up in a religious community. But at the age of 14, there was an activation of X-gene, and in front of amazed community members, the child turned into a wolf.
  • Cannonball – Sam Guthrie. The hero is able to fly at great speed. It generates a protective field around the teenager, protecting him from both oncoming objects and air friction.
  • Mirage – Daniella Munster. A girl can create three-dimensional images, drawing plots and images both in her own mind and in the heads of other people.
  • Most likely, other mutants will figure in the film. Who they are and what abilities they have – we’ll find out when we wait for the release date of the film New Mutants.
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The New Mutants 2 release date

NamePremiereIssue Date
The New Mutants 2WorldNo information

Interesting facts about The New Mutants 2

  • The new picture will be not only the last movie about X people before their connection with Marvel but also the first franchise film in the horror genre.
  • According to the original story, Professor Xavier and Ororo Monroe (Storm) were to appear in the film as mentors. Later, it was decided to withdraw from their participation.
  • As an answer to the question, when will be released The New Mutants 2, called the autumn of 2020.

Fans of this film will not have to guess when the movie The New Mutants 2 is released. The date is already known:

The New Mutants 2 Trailer

The New Mutants 2 review

Art Direction - 80%
Musical Accompaniment - 86%
Scenario and Dialogue - 75%
Special Effects and Graphics - 89%
Viewer Expectations - 85%
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