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Thor 4: Everything we know about the film

Movie-inhabited Marvel continues to grow and widen. After the Avengers: The final team left a lot of heroes, and now franchise fans wonder who can replace favorite characters. Unfortunately, the creators know how to keep the intrigue, until the premiere fans get only a little information. In particular, many were worried that after Steve Rogers and Tony Stark, the franchise may leave Thor Odinsson. But the creators have calmed fans by announcing the release date of Thor 4: Love and Thunder.

You can see the exact release date of the Thor 4 movie with the trailer at the bottom of our article.

Thor 4 Plot

Besides ours, there are other worlds inhabited by often very unusual creatures. Some of them are still ruled by ancient gods. Such is Asgard, the world that became the homeland of the thunder god Thor. And he himself, his half-brother Loki has been on Earth more than once. And if the first tried to help ordinary people, the second often acted as his opponent.

Thor 4 frame from the movie

Asgard is now gone. The world has been destroyed by the elder sister of Thor, Hela. Survivors of Ragnarok Asgard tried to save themselves in a spaceship with Thor, Loki, and Heimdal. But the spacecraft was attacked by Tanos, who killed the god of cunning and keeper of the rainbow bridge. Later, the tyrant flicked away half of the survivors, and the wretched remnants of the once-mighty world had to find a new place to live.

Thor 4 movie picture

The long-suffering residents were left not only without a home but also without a ruler. Thor, who lost his entire family and most of his friends in the last skirmishes, lives only with hatred for Tanos. Vengeance was carried out, the god of thunder blew the tyrant’s head off by himself. But after his death, it turned out that the last meaning of the hero’s life had disappeared. He spends time drinking in the company of former gladiators from Sakaara.

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When will the film Thor 4 be released

The inhabitants of New Asgard are ruled by the Valkyrie in the absence of the Torah. And the leader from the warrior turned out to be wise and fair. Therefore, Thor, who decided to give up his reign and go traveling with the Guardians of the Galaxy, passes the remains of his people, officially appointing the King of New Asgard. But the wise king needs a queen. How Valkyrie will look for her and how the former beloved of the god of thunder will become a woman Thor – we will know when Thor 4: Love and Thunder will come out.

Characters and voice-over

  • Thor Odinsson – god of thunder, son of Odin. The death of Loki’s brother, who fell at the hands of Thanos, as well as his defeat in the War of Infinity, is difficult. After meeting his mother on a journey back in time, he decides to pass on the throne to a more worthy ruler.
  • Valkyrie is a warrior from the elite Asgard detachment. After defeat in the battle with Hel leaves Asgard, becoming a mercenary on Sakaara. Later, he returns, learning that his homeland is threatened by Ragnarok. He rescues himself together with the remains of the inhabitants. When Thor leaves, he controls his subjects. Later, at his request, he becomes ruler of New Asgard.
  • Jane Foster is a former beloved of Thor, whom he met during his exile to Earth. Later, through some anomaly, she came to the secret vault of the Ether, the stone of Reality, which had entered it. Later, the ether was extracted from the girl by the leader of dark elves, Malekit.
  • The creators do not share the details, so we will know about the future history of the characters only after waiting for the release date of the film Thor 4: Love and Thunder.
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Interesting facts about Thor 4

  • Little is known about the plot of the painting: the team only reported that Jane Foster will become a woman Thor, as it was already in one of the series of comics, and Valkyrie will find a queen.
  • The film will be the final picture of a new, 4 phases in the Marvel Cinema Universe. The release date of Thor: Love and Thunder – will be the autumn of 2021, the film is to be 28th in the Cinema Universe Marvel.

Thor 4 release date

NamePremiereIssue Date
Thor 4World11 February 2022

Thor 4 Trailer

Unfortunately, the trailer will appear later. When Thor 4 has an official trailer, we will definitely add it. In the meantime, we suggest seeing a little overview. Let us remember what was in the 3 parts of the film.

Thor 4 review

Art Direction - 92%
Musical Accompaniment - 79%
Scenario and Dialogue - 76%
Special Effects and Graphics - 92%
Viewer Expectations - 85%
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