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Vampire Academy 2: Release Date, When Will Come Out?

The release date of Vampire Academy 2 fans of the genre have been waiting for a long time. Although the film did not gain the same popularity as Twilight, a certain army of fans has a picture. In the author’s homeland, the series not only gained wide popularity, but also allowed Rachel Meade to release the second part, also consisting of six volumes, but telling about new heroes of the same universe.

The exact date of release of the film Vampire Academy 2 with the trailer, see below.

Vampire Academy 2 Plot

Our time. Vampires exist in parallel with humans, trying not to advertise their existence. But this does not mean that their lives are calm and free of danger. Vampire society itself is heterogeneous. Along with the Moravians, the majority, there are strings, more powerful, and dangerous. They do not recognize both human and vampire laws and are constantly at odds with the frost.

Vampire Academy 2 frames from the film

Vampires are endowed with the magic of the elements, which is impossible to curb without training. By drawing power from the earth, water, air, or fire, they gain supernatural powers. Young vampires are taught to master them at the Academy, located in Montana, where young Lissa arrives to study, along with her guardian Rosey. Her bodyguard is a Dampier, a half-breed. She will also receive training, but she will already have the skills to protect her lady.

Will there be an exit film Vampire Academy 2

As it turns out, Lissa possesses a rare gift: she draws strength not from the four main elements, but from the spirit. This ability provides many opportunities. In particular, those who possess it may be healers or even revive the recently dead, but they lose part of their soul and may gradually lose their mind. Therefore, vampires try less often to refer to such abilities, saving them for exceptional occasions.

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When exactly will the film Vampire Academy 2 be released

Despite all her power, the princess and her guardian are ordinary teenage girls. They can hardly stand the strict control of the mentors, fall in love while breaking the accepted foundations. Realizing that within the Academy’s walls, they are in danger of being threatened by the stigmas who have infiltrated it secretly, they decide to flee. Now Rozzi will have to remember all the skills she learned during her training. The girl will have to protect not only her own life but also her mistress, who has long been a friend to her.

The released film was based on the first part of Rachel Reed’s book series. The release date of Vampire Academy 2 should present to us with the events that took place in the second volume.

Characters and voice-over

  • Lissa – Vasilisa Sabina Rey Dragomir, the Crown Princess of the dying royal family. That’s why she is so important to the sheriffs, destroying her, the villains will strongly bend the ruling dynasty. She possesses a rare ability to draw strength from the spirit, to see the aura, to revive the dead.
  • Rosie – Rosemary Hezway, a Dampier, daughter of the guard, and the sea. He becomes Lisa’s guardian, but at 15 he dies in a car accident together with her parents. Mistress brings the girl back to life, and this creates a special connection: Rossi knows where Lisa is and can see what is happening with her eyesight.

Waiting for the release of Vampire Academy 2, we will be able to see the new adventures of the heroines, learn how they will survive in the brutal vampire wars.

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Interesting facts about Vampire Academy 2

  • Rachel Reed claims that when writing novels, not only was she not inspired by Twilight, but she did not even know about their existence.
  • The original series of books has 6 volumes, another 6 are spin-off Blood ties.
  • The first film was found to be a commercial failure and could not pay off at the box office. This is the main reason why the creators could not find funds to continue the film for a long time. However, the plot, according to their statement, is already ready. The release date of Vampire Academy 2 can be expected shortly.

Vampire Academy 2 release date

NamePremiereIssue Date
Vampire Academy 2Worldno information yet

Warning! In the Vampire Academy 2 release date, changes or refinements are possible.

Vampire Academy 2 Trailer

Sorry, no trailer yet. When the film Vampire Academy 2 is released, we will definitely add the official trailer. In the meantime, we suggest you remember what the first film was about.

Vampire Academy 2 review

Art Direction - 79%
Musical Accompaniment - 86%
Scenario and Dialogue - 77%
Special Effects and Graphics - 79%
Viewer Expectations - 71%
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