Warcraft 2 Movie

Warcraft 2 Movie: Everything we know about the film

The first part of the fantasy fighter “Warcraft” was premiered in May 2016. In the summer of 2018, the director of the project Duncan Jones published in his Twitter information that the chances of creating a sequel to the film is negligible. Such news threw the fans of the film into shock because the first part was a huge success. Fortunately fans of the film, its creators have changed their decision and according to the latest data, the release date of Warcraft 2 Movie is scheduled for spring 2021.

Leading specialists from the USA, Canada, China, and Japan worked on the first part of the film. The best screenwriters, virtuoso make-up artists, programmers, and customers were invited to the film crew. Thanks to the combination of quality make-up and computer graphics, all characters, and the surrounding environment in the film turned out as realistic as possible.

You can see the exact release date of the Warcraft 2 Movie with trailer at the bottom of our article.

Warcraft 2 Movie Plot

The plot of the fantastic action movie was created based on the popular computer game “Warcraft”. This is strategic gameplay, the key characters of which is the human race, fighting with orcs, and opposing magic.

Warcraft 2 Movie frame from the movie

In the first episode, the painting tells about the peaceful centuries-old life of people after the victory over the Orcs. The life of mankind was calm and carefree until the forces of darkness, which became stronger during a long sleep, were awakened. The strength and power of the Orcs can not resist even the high walls and magic. Is there still hope for victory in this age-old battle or will humanity fall this time? Millions of viewers are waiting for the release of Warcraft 2 movie to see how the battle between the forces of evil and goodwill ends.

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Warcraft 2 Movie movie picture

The first part of the film justified the hopes of game fans for impeccable graphics quality and impressive special effects. The creators of the project spent a lot of effort and money to be able to broadcast the picture in different formats of the work.

When will the film Warcraft 2 Movie be released?

The second part of the fantastic fighter should not be inferior in quality to the first. Its success directly depends on the popularity of the virtual game “World of Warcraft”.

Fans have only a short wait when will be released Warcraft 2 Movie. The official release is scheduled for late spring 2021.

Characters and voice-over

  • Chernoruk is a tyrant on whose decisions the fate of the Horde largely depends.
  • King Llein Rynn is the ruler of Stormgrad, who enjoys love and respect among his subjects.
  • Durotan – the brave leader of the North Wolf clan, gave his life for the freedom of Orcs.
  • Garona – a semicircle, in which the blood of Orcs and humans flows. Is an outcast in the world of Orcs, but spies in favor of Gul’Dan. An artful murderer and spy.
  • Anduin Lothar, a knight of the Alliance and an experienced warrior, has a romantic relationship with Garona. He is the last true descendant of Arati’s imperial family.
  • Gul’dan is a key villain of the film, an orc shaman who possesses dark forces.

There is currently no information about the actors in the second part of the film. Rumor has it that the film will feature Travis Fimmel, who played the role of Lothar in the first film. The audience will be able to learn more about the cast when the Warcraft 2 Movie is announced.

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Interesting facts about Warcraft 2 Movie

  • The script of the first picture was rewritten twice because it was not arranged by Blizzard.
  • Warcraft 1″ shooting lasted only four months, and installation took one and a half years.
  • Viewers who have reached 12 years of age are allowed to watch the film.
  • The world of “Warcraft” has a rich and saturated history. The creators of the second part of the painting will have to try hard to impress fans and film critics.

Warcraft 2 Movie release date

NamePremiereIssue Date
Warcraft 2 MovieWorldMay 21, 2021

Blizzard” company is very worried about the image of the eponymous game universe. The final release of the film Warcraft 2 was not announced for long, as the first picture received unflattering reviews from film critics.

Warcraft 2 Movie Trailer

Unfortunately, the trailer will appear later. When Warcraft 2 Movie is released as an official trailer, we will definitely add it. In the meantime, we suggest watching a short overview of the upcoming movie.

Warcraft 2 Movie review

Art Direction - 87%
Musical Accompaniment - 87%
Scenario and Dialogue - 71%
Special Effects and Graphics - 93%
Viewer Expectations - 85%
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