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World War Z 2: Release Date, Plot, and all leaks. Click to know more!

Fans of the post-apocalyptic genre will expect the joyful news about the approaching date of World War Z 2. According to preliminary data, the official release of the popular movie epic will be held in November this year. The premiere party of the fantastic thriller became the most grandiose and expected project of 2013. The creators of the film hope that the continuation of the science fiction movies will be no less popular and exciting.

The exact date of World War Z 2 movie release with trailer, see below.

World War Z 2 Plot

The post-apocalyptic picture tells the story of a deadly virus hitting an entire planet. Under the influence of an unknown infection, millions of people have turned into zombies. The main character in the film is Harry Lane, who went in search of a vaccine to save his family.

World War Z frame from the movie

The doctors face an impossible task – they need to cure the infected and find those who could survive. The main role in the fantastic film was played by the talented Brad Pitt.

In spite of the excellent cast and strong film crew, the success of the film caused many doubts. Nevertheless, the thriller was a stunning success and raised over $500 million.

Will there be a World War Z

Fans are looking forward to the release of World War Z 2. Unfortunately, the official release date of the project is constantly being postponed due to Brad Pitt’s participation in other television projects. As soon as the actor has free time, the film crew will start shooting the last episodes of the movie epic.

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The plot of the second part of the film will be even more fascinating. The country’s leadership will know the terrifying information that the virus mutated and the vaccine became ineffective. The epidemic has acquired global proportions and the number of survivors began to decline rapidly. Fans can only hope that soon the creators will announce the official release date of World War Z 2.

When exactly will the World War Z movie be released

The fantastic action movie has a rather unusual zombie theme. Based on the first part of the film was created a computer game and filmed a parody. Critics appreciated the film epic and left many positive reviews.

Characters and voice-over

  • Garry Lane is a former UN investigator who was caught in a morning traffic jam with his family. At this time, the residents of Philadelphia were attacked by hordes of zombies. Brad Pitt.
  • Karin is Gerry’s wife. Mireille Inos.

Interesting facts about World War Z

  1. 700 people took part in the creation of the film epic.
  2. The film was shot from a helicopter and a crane. To make the scenes realistic, 150 cars had to be maimed beyond recognition and an aircraft carrier had to be rented.
  3. The project is based on the book by Max Brooks, which was published in 2006. The right to its screening was raffled off at an auction.
  4. In the credits of the film, there is the name of Alexander Khabensky. However, the scenes with the popular Russian actor were carved in the final version of the project. The actor took part in an episode of the battle with zombies in Moscow.
  5. World War Z 2 release date was repeatedly postponed due to Brad Pitt’s tight schedule.
  6. When developing zombie images, the consultants observed the behavior of animals, insects, and people with epileptic seizures for a long time. Such work was done in order to create the most realistic images of monsters.
  7. In the first episodes of the film real frames from video, recorders were used. They captured the footage of the Chelyabinsk Meteorite fall.
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World War Z 2 release date

NamePremiereIssue Date
World War Z 2world2021-2022 (to be confirmed)

Fans can only hope that the continuation of the popular fantasy movie will be as impressive as the first part.

World War Z 2 Trailer

Unfortunately, the trailer is not available yet. When the official World War Z 2 movie is released, we will definitely add a trailer. In the meantime, we suggest you watch a little review.

The trailer below is for those who want to remember what was in the first movie.

World War Z review

Art Direction - 88%
Musical Accompaniment - 90%
Scenario and Dialogue - 84%
Special Effects and Graphics - 95%
Viewer Expectations - 76%
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