Chicharito defended Oribe Peralta and the fans were on it

chicharito defended oribe peralta 1

Oribe Peralta is the center of criticism after the National Classic in which Chivas lost 1-0 to América, after he and his teammate Uriel Antuna stayed talking and joking with rival players.

This scene was taken in a bad way by a part of the fans, since they considered that it was unprofessional that just a few minutes after suffering the painful defeat, both players were laughing as if nothing had happened, but the answer of the “Brush” was not. it took a long time to arrive and defended himself through his social networks.

This was not overlooked by the fans who, already angry, also thrashed the Galaxy forward claiming that he never wanted to return to Chivas and reminding him of the bad footballing moment he has lived in recent years.

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