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American Crime Story Season 4: Get here all the details!

According to official sources, the release date of American Crime Story season 4 episode 1 will be September 27, 2020. Fans of the film anthology are looking forward to the new part of the unique project, based on the high-profile cases of the USA. The show’s director is Ryan Murphy – the creator of another notorious film “American Horror Story”.

The exact release date of the series “American Crime Story” season 4 with the schedule of all series, you will find a little lower in the article.

American Crime Story Plot

The series is a collection of true stories that happen to real people. That’s why many fans of the detective genre were interested in the release date of the American Crime Story season 4 series.

American Crime Story season 4 release date

The first part takes us to the distant year 1995, when all Americans, holding their breath, watching the fate of the famous soccer player OJ Simpson. The man was charged with the double murder of his wife and her lover. He was literally caught by the police at the crime scene. The trial lasted about nine months.

The second season tells the audience about the murder of the legendary designer Gianni Versace.

When will American Crime Story season 4 be released exactly

While fans were wondering when American Crime Story season 4 will be released, the authors decided to change the plot of the long-awaited part. Initially, they planned to focus on Hurricane Katrine, making it a key theme. But in the end, the screen story was called “Impeachment” and touched upon the relationship between Clinton and Monica Lewinsky.

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Will the release of the series American Crime Story season 4

The “highlight” in this news is that it was Lewinski who became one of the producers of the film. Some critics were sure that the woman decided to just earn money and remind herself.

Characters and voice-over

  • Simpson (Cube Gooding Jr.). Soccer star, accused of murder.
  • March (Sarah Paulson). Deputy Prosecutor.
  • Robert (John Travolta). Lawyer of the athlete.
  • Kardashian (David Schwimmer). A close friend of the soccer player.
  • Versace (Edgar Ramirez). Famous fashion designer, killed by a criminal.
  • K√ľnenen (Darren Criss). Dangerous killer.
  • Monica Lewinski (Beanie Feldstein). A girl who found herself in the center of one of the loudest American scandals.
  • Bill Clinton (Clive Owen). Former President of the United States.

Interesting facts about American Crime Story

  1. While the audience was wondering whether the American Crime Story season 4 show would be held, Trump, the real U.S. leader, was extremely puzzled by the planned show. The audience quickly realized that he was afraid of a repeat of the situation that had happened to his predecessor.
  2. Lewinski explained her participation in the ribbon by her desire to show the true situation of the past. She is sure that then many years of gossip on a topical topic will end forever.
  3. The third season is based on the book by Jeffrey Toobin.
  4. Actor John Travolta immediately expressed his desire to take part in the shooting. He noted that the storyline of the series is close to him. Apparently, Travolta talked about the hurricane, which rolled in the immediate vicinity of his home.
  5. To better fit into her image, Sarah Paulson used the same flavor and cigarettes as Marsha Clarke. By the way, the actress did not smoke in real life but sacrificed her own health to better understand the role.
  6. Actor Cube Gooding Jr. emphasized that it was emotionally difficult for him to play Simpson. He was able to recover only a month after the shooting.
  7. Most of the materials are based on real data: interrogations of police officers, conversations with lawyers, and telephone calls.
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American Crime Story season 4, the date of release of all series

NameNumber of episodesIssue Date
American Crime Story season 48no information

This “American Crime Story” season 4 series release date may be changed or clarified.

American Crime Story season 4 Trailer

Sorry, no trailer yet. When “American Crime Story” season 4 is released as the official trailer, we will definitely add it.

American Crime Story season 4 review

Art Direction - 88%
Musical Accompaniment - 70%
Scenario and Dialogue - 84%
Special Effects and Graphics - 59%
Viewer Expectations - 86%
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