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Beforeigners Season 2: Get here all the details!

The approximate release date of Beforeigners season 2 episode 1 maybe the summer of 2021. Ostrosocial Norwegian drama with obvious elements of fiction appeared on the screens in 2019. The six-series project evoked a variety of emotions in the audience: from admiration to outrage. But there were no indifferent spectators. The film directed by Jens Lien was too unusual and metaphorical.

See below for the exact release date of “Beforeigners” season 2 with all series schedules.

Beforeigners Plot

The series was shot in Norway especially for HBO. In the end, it turned out to be quite a cheeky and frank picture. It is an allusion to the situation that is happening in Europe. Many liberal values of foreign countries are ridiculed here. Supervising spectators who have caught this satirical hint, dream to know the release date of the series Beforeigners season 2. The fantasy is a new format that will be pleasant for all fans of unusual projects.

Date of release of series Beforeigners season 2 2021

As a result of the natural disaster in Oslo, unusual “tourists” began to appear. Guests from the 19th century, Vikings, and even Paleolithic inhabitants arrive in whole “packs”. They all say that there is no turning back. The locals treat the newcomers with all their attention. They create special organizations where all the aliens are socialized.

Time passes. Now former migrants have learned to use phones and even got a job. However, there are also those who could not give up their bad habits of hanging from trees or walking around the city half-naked.

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When exactly will the Beforeigners season 2 series be released

One of the partners of the local policeman is a representative of the Vikings. A woman with a very strange name Alfhildra becomes a partner of the lawkeeper Lars. The new acquaintance has a pronounced charisma and an inimitable manner to obtain evidence. When a strange incident occurs in the city, an unusual couple hurries to help.

Will the release of the series Beforeigners season 2

In this story, the Norwegians shamelessly ridicule things that habitually fit into their social way. Many topical issues are raised here: the relationship between children and parents, the stratification of society, condemnation of people for past mistakes, drug abuse. All this is served with a “sauce of humor”. Many viewers have found the project a real find. All we have to do is to find out when it comes out 2.

Characters and voice-over

  • Lars (Nikolay Cleve Brock). A policeman who got hooked on drugs.
  • Alfhildr (Christa Cosonen). Viking Girl.
  • Ada (Ellie Harboa).
  • Mary (Agnes Kittelsen).
  • Urd (Augusta Erlendsdouttir).

Interesting facts about Beforeigners

  1. The project is compared with the famous work “Carnival Row”, in which migrants were fairytale creatures.
  2. The scriptwriter of the show was Anna Bj√∂rnstad. She was the author of the comedy gangster “Lillehammer”. By the way, it was called “Soprano Clan” in Norwegian.
  3. To participate in the film actress Christa Kosonen had to learn two languages at once: Norwegian and ancient Scandinavian.
  4. The series was completely filmed in Norwegian.
  5. The viewers noted a great sense of humor in the painting. Now fans are hoping to find out sooner whether the show will be foreigners season 2.
  6. The ribbon is an acute social drama and a detective.
  7. The series is similar to the modern version of the film “Aliens” in 1993.
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Beforeigners season 2, the date of release of all series

NameNumber of episodesIssue Date
Beforeigners season 26August 18, 2021

Warning! This “Beforeigners” season 2 series release date can be changed or clarified.

Beforeigners season 2 Trailer

Sorry, but no trailer yet. When “Beforeigners” season 2 has an official trailer, we will definitely add it.

Beforeigners season 2 review

Art Direction - 79%
Musical Accompaniment - 72%
Scenario and Dialogue - 71%
Special Effects and Graphics - 54%
Viewer Expectations - 87%
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