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Black Mirror Season 6 release date: Plot and Everything you should know

The popular fantastic series “Black Mirror” is designed with the help of satire to ridicule the behavior of modern society in the use of gadgets in everyday life. The creator of this unusual television project is Charlie Brooker. The series has excited and interested fans of quality fiction and now they are looking forward to the release of Black Mirror season 6 episode 1. Today anti-utopia is the most discussed television series.

The exact release date of the series “Black Mirror” season 6, with a schedule of all series, see below in the article.

Black Mirror season 6 Plot

The fantastic series is a series of separate episodes with original stories. In the paintings, the scriptwriter is ironically mocking modern realities and achievements of scientific progress. What is seen by mankind as progress becomes a tragedy in reality. People rejoice at the invention of robots and do not think that soon they will not leave their jobs; they spend all their free time in social networks abstracting from reality… and do not even realize that they are dependent on gadgets.

Black Mirror season 6 frame from the series

An unambiguous hint at the project plotline is its name “Black Mirror”. It reflects the screen of a gadget, with which a modern man does not part for a minute.

Spending most of their lives in the virtual world, the characters of the series are simply lost. They begin to believe that all the events that happen to them are really real. Thus, the dependence of gamers on online games with murder leads to the commission of real crimes. When a player realizes that he has become the culprit for the deaths of real people, it becomes too late.

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Black Mirror season 6 series release

Some subjects are hard to perceive. They reveal such unpleasant moments as indifference and immorality of modern people. Stories can even cause rejection or indignation. Each series of the series contains a complete thought of the human essence. The viewer will be amazed when they see how a person is capable of behaving if they are imposed on different values.

When the Black Mirror season 6 is released

The number of episodes of the next chapter is not yet known.

Black Mirror season 6 Cast and voice-over

  • The TV project is shot in the format of a series – anthology. In each episode, there are different characters. Consequently, fans can see each actor only in one picture.
  • Haley Attwell, Rory Kinner, Toby Kebbell, Lindsay Duncan, Jody Whittaker, and other famous actors were involved in the creation of the popular fantasy project.
  • Many fans of the series appreciated such a creative idea. This is due to the fact that each new episode contains a double intrigue – the composition of the acting group and the storyline.
  • About what surprises the fans promises a continuation of the anti-utopian series the viewers will learn at the same time with the release of Black Mirror season 6.

Interesting facts about Black Mirror

  1. The TV project has all the features of dystopia. It tells the story of a society that looks repulsive and even frightening. Nevertheless, for his characters, all the events that take place look quite adequate and natural.
  2. In late 2018, based on the series was released full-length film. The film “Black Mirror: Brandashmyg” had five different endings. At the same time, the choice of the direction of the storyline was left to the viewer.
  3. According to film critics, this fantastic series is the darkest and most horrifying reflection of reality. Despite this, his intrigue is so high that it is very difficult to break away from watching it. Fans have to wait until Black Mirror season 6 is released to satisfy their curiosity.
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Black Mirror season 6, the date of release of all series

NameNumber of episodesIssue Date
Black Mirror season 66December 20, 2020

Warning! This Black Mirror season 6 release date may be changed or clarified.

Black Mirror season 6 Trailer