fear the walking dead season 7 everything we know about the serial 1

Fear the Walking Dead Season 7: Everything we know about the serial

The post-apocalyptic series is steadily gaining momentum. It is possible that the release date of Fear the Walking Dead season 7 episode 1 will be announced soon. The sixth part of the show AMC appeared on the screens on October 11, 2020. This work was called the “companion” of the famous series of 2013. It complements the events that take place during the apocalypse. However, here we are talking about new heroes who no longer live in Atlanta, but in Los Angeles.

The exact date of release of the series “Fear the Walking Dead” season 7 with the schedule of all series, you can find below in the article.

Fear the Walking Dead season 7 Plot

The authors did not have time to release the premiere episodes as soon as they announced the extension. This was followed by new parts of the painting. Today we are talking about the release date of the series Fear the Walking Dead season 7. Most likely, the fresh episodes will be held in 2021. A graphic novel by Robert Kirkman has won worldwide success. Despite the statements of some fans about the “weakness” of the announced show, it continues to develop steadily.

Fear the Walking Dead season 7 2021 series release date

Starting from the fourth part, a stormy change of power began on the set. Director Dave Erickson left his post, giving way to Chambliss and Goldberg, the new showrunners. Besides, Scott Gimple was appointed as the producer of the series, and this well-known man worked on the “Walking Dead” themselves.

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When exactly will be released the series Fear the Walking Dead season 7

If in the old story the story was focused on the story of Rick Grimes and his team, then here we will see other desperate little ones. Instead of Atlanta, the audience is shown life in Los Angeles. There are other heroes trying to build a new world. The drama events are dashingly spinning around a woman named Madison and a man who once worked as a teacher. They have to forget their previous lives and go through many trials. Once again, the creators lead the audience to the main idea: zombies are not the most terrible phenomenon, because the real threat comes from people.

Will the show Fear the Walking Dead season 7

Most of the fans liked the film. It proved to be a successful “substitute” for the famous series. Many are already wondering when Fear the Walking Dead season 7 will be released. The audience is sure that the sequel will continue.

Fear the Walking Dead season 7 Cast and voice-over

  • Madison (Kim Dickens). Single mother.
  • Travis (Cliff Curtis). Former teacher.
  • Nick (Frank Dillane). Son of the main character.
  • Alisha (Alicia Debnem-Cary). Daughter of Madison.
  • Chris (Lorenzo Henry). Son of Travis.
  • June (Jenna Elfman). She used to work as a nurse.

Interesting facts about Fear the Walking Dead

  1. This is a spin-off of the famous show about the dead. Both works are not connected to each other, except for the comic books taken as a basis.
  2. The premiere episodes were watched by more than 10 million viewers. It is not surprising that the audience cares if the show Fear the Walking Dead season 7.
  3. The lead singer Kim Dickens beat thirty competitors in the casting.
  4. Actor Frank Dillane has not watched a single episode of the zombie show.
  5. The shootings were held in Vancouver, not Los Angeles.
  6. In the tenth episode of the third film the composition Negro y Azul: Ballad of Heisenberg sounds. It is a direct reference to another loud movie “In All Heights”.
  7. Viewers’ opinions were divided: some liked the new version, while others thought it was a weak version compared to the 2013 ribbon.
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Fear the Walking Dead season 7, the date of release of all series

NameNumber of episodesIssue Date
Fear the Walking Dead season 716autumn 2021 (waiting for the announcement)

Warning! This “Fear the Walking Dead” season 7 series release date may be changed or clarified.

Fear the Walking Dead Season 7 Trailer

Sorry, but no trailer yet. When “Fear the Walking Dead” season 7 is released as the official trailer, we will definitely add it.