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Killing Eve Season 4: Release Date, Plot and Everything you should know

Extension of the series for the fourth season was known even before the release of the third party. date of release Killing Eve season 4 episode 1 was scheduled for spring 2021. The movie is the most rated project of American television in the last 6 years. It is likely that the fourth part will not be the last.

The exact release date of the series “Killing Eve” season 4 with a schedule of all series, you can see below.

Killing Eve Plot

Since there was no doubt that the Killing Eve season 4 show would not be shown to the audience, the interest of the audience is aimed at the plot of the continuation. The authors prefer not to spread the word about it. And judging by the series, even suppositions shouldn’t be made, because the scriptwriters have proved that the story often lays down steep turns.

Release date of all Killing Eve season 4 series

The story begins with Eva, a British intelligence officer at MI5. The woman is engaged in analytics in the office of the special service, dreaming of operational work. A hired assassin, who calls herself Villanel, falls into the field of vision of the intelligence. Very little is known about her: the killer suffers from schizophrenia, she has Russian roots, and commits murder with pleasure.

Thanks to a fortunate combination of circumstances, Eve manages to get on the trail of Villanelle. From this moment on a dangerous game begins, which both women can’t stop. They get hooked on confrontation as a drug.

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Will the release of the series Killing Eve season 4

The endless chase begins, accompanied by deadly dangers. Villanel almost dies, but by cleverly manipulating people, he gets out of the trouble to get a new assignment from his handlers. She is now absorbed not only by the flawless execution of orders but also by the fact that an MI5 agent must hang on its tail. And the intelligence officer, approaching the killer closely, is not in a hurry to put a point.

When will Killing Eve season 4 be released exactly

The third part was released on April 12, 2020. There is no doubt that the audience will be looking forward to the release of Killing Eve season 4, the ratings will remain high.

Characters and voice-over

  • Eva (Sandra O). British intelligence officer, engaged in analytical work. One day she is assigned to protect an important witness. She encounters an elusive female killer as she carries out the instructions of management.
  • Villanel (Jody Comer). Hired assassin. Professional suffering from paranoia. Parents of the girl – natives of Russia. Loves money. Gives pleasure to bloody work.
  • Konstantin (Kim Bodnia). Mentor and curator of the killer.
  • Caroline Martens (Fiona Shaw). Chief of Intelligence Service MI5.

Interesting facts about Killing Eve

  1. After reading the script, Sandra Oh agreed to take off. But the actress could not understand who she would play. It was only clear to her that she was not a murderer. Sandra was very surprised when the agent said that she was offered the role of an agent.
  2. Jody Comer met with the author of the series Phoebe Waller-Bridge at a party a few months before she was offered the lead role. The actress had too much to drink at that time. Later, she admitted that she was very ashamed at the casting.
  3. The project was awarded by the British Academy of Film and Theatre Arts in three nominations. And critics called the film one of the best series of 2018.
  4. Domestic spectators highly appreciated the series. Judging by the reviews, most of them are sure that the Killing Eve season 4 series will be released in April 2021.
  5. The film’s script is based on Luke Jennings’ novels about a female killer, the rights to the screen version of which were bought by producer Sally Woodward in 2014.
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Killing Eve season 4, the date of release of all series

NameNumber of episodesIssue Date
Killing Eve season 48April 19, 2021

Warning! This “Killing Eve” Season 4 series release date may be changed or clarified.

Killing Eve season 4 Trailer

Sorry, no trailer yet. When “Killing Eve” Season 4 is released as the official trailer, we will definitely add it. In the meantime, we suggest you remember what was the 3 season.

Killing Eve season 4 review

Art Direction - 87%
Musical Accompaniment - 88%
Scenario and Dialogue - 72%
Special Effects and Graphics - 55%
Viewer Expectations - 68%
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