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Kingdom [Netflix] Season 3: Get here all the details!

Even before the premiere, it was known that the series will not be limited to one part. The release date of Kingdom [Netflix] season 3 episode 1 is scheduled for March 2020. The story was well-received by fans of horror. And the unusual story about zombies in the context of Korean history was positively evaluated by the critics.

The exact release date of the series “Kingdom [Netflix]” season 3 with a schedule of all series, see below.

Kingdom [Netflix] Plot

In the medieval state of the Korean peninsula, Joseon, the population is worried that the ruler has stopped appearing to people. Chief Minister Jo tries to reassure the people by explaining that the monarch is ill. This is only partially true. The king has turned into a monster that hibernates during the day and demands human blood at night.

Release date of all series Kingdom [Netflix] season 3

Cho is going to use this situation to seize power. His daughter is carrying the ruler’s child. The boy is the direct heir to the throne. Naturally, until he grows up to be a grandfather.

The King has an adult son, Li Chang. He cannot claim the throne, because he was born of a concubine. The boy tries to understand the situation and comes to the palace. But, by Cho’s order, he is not allowed into his father’s chambers. Lee begins to suspect that the minister is lying. Wishing to find out the truth, Chang, in the company of his best friend, goes to the village where the former royal healer lives. In the doctor’s house, the guys find mountains of dead people.

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Will the release of the series Kingdom [Netflix] season 3

From now on, the series turns into a zombie apocalypse. And the spectators are looking forward to the release of the Kingdom [Netflix] season 3. In Joseon, an unknown disease is rampant, turning people into monsters. Walking dead pounce on living people, turning them into their own kind. Lee tries to save the survivors and takes them to the nearest town before dark when the monsters are active.

When exactly will the Kingdom [Netflix] season 3 be released

Since the question of whether the Kingdom [Netflix] season 3 will be shown anymore, the audience wants to know what will be shown in the continuation. The first part ended at the peak of the aggravation of the situation in Joseon. It turned out that zombies are no longer afraid of sunlight and they roam in search of new victims even during the day. Lee took responsibility for the fate of the people. But to defeat the epidemic, he needs to take the throne. Therefore, in the new season, the viewer will not only fight against monsters, but also palace intrigues, and perhaps a full-scale war between Minister Cho and Cheng.

Characters and voice-over

  • Prince Lee plays Joo Ji-hun.
  • The role of the first minister of Cho Hok-Joo court went to Ryu Seun-ryong.
  • The doctor trying to fight the spread of an unknown virus played Pae Do Na.

Interesting facts about Kingdom [Netflix]

  1. The director of the project is Kim Seong-hun. Despite proposals to work with world film studios, the director is not going to leave his homeland. He has a lot of successful serials on his account. Among them are “Tough Day” and “Tunnel”.
  2. Korean cinema has long enjoyed well-deserved popularity among the domestic audience. Kingdom [Netflix] series 3 release date is waiting for a huge army of fans, who praised the first part quite highly.
  3. Critics noted the realism of the costumes of the characters. Clothing in many ways and created the atmosphere of the Middle Ages. The costume designer was Choi Seon-yong. He was given only one and a half months to create the costumes. But Cha succeeded. However, at the director’s request, Lee Chang’s clothes had to be reworked twice.
  4. In South Korea, the actor Chu Ji Hun is in great demand. He easily transforms into both dramatic and comedy characters.
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Kingdom [Netflix] season 3, the date of release of all series

NameNumber of episodesIssue Date
Kingdom season 36no information yet

Warning! This “Kingdom [Netflix]” season 3 series release date can be changed or clarified.

Kingdom [Netflix] season 3 Trailer

Kingdom [Netflix] season 3 review

Art Direction - 76%
Musical Accompaniment - 72%
Scenario and Dialogue - 75%
Special Effects and Graphics - 81%
Viewer Expectations - 80%
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