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ShadowHunters Season 4: Release Date, Plot, and all leaks. Click to know more!

Constantin Film’s studios failed to keep their promise and adapt the entire series of fantasy novels “Instruments of death”. The release date of ShadowHunters season 4 was canceled, to the frustration of the few fans who were still in the series. The reason for this decision is a strong drop in the rating. The creators failed to make their project really interesting and in demand. After three not very popular seasons, they decided to stop their attempts.

The exact release date of the series “ShadowHunters” season 4 with the schedule of all series, you can see a little bit below.

ShadowHunters Plot

Besides our world, there are parallel realities inhabited by supernatural beings, angels, and demons. But in our reality, too, there are undead. Vampires, werewolves, sorcerers, Fae live literally next door, trying to disguise themselves as ordinary people to avoid exposure. Help in this ability to magic, which are endowed with these creatures. Most of them are not aggressive; they easily manage to get along with people who are “primitive” in their own words.

Release dates of all ShadowHunters season 4 series

But there are those who do not agree to avoid conflicts with humans. To fight effectively against aggressors both from our world and from demonic realities, a Shadowhunter clan was created centuries ago. It includes people who have the blood of angels: they are much stronger, in addition, have, like their opponents, magical powers. The creator of the clan, a certain angel, was sure that such hunters will be able to contain the threat, protecting the human world from the twilight.

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ShadowHunters season 4 frames in 1 series

At the head of the clan is the Clave, to which ordinary hunters are subordinated. The title of the hunter is inherited, but each of them undergoes long training, learning to destroy demons and undead. With the latter, however, there are no problems for a long time: the concluded agreement is violated very rarely. Demons that come from other realities are much more troublesome.

Clary is an ordinary girl, a beginner artist. She is peaceful and gets along well with her own friends and lover, as well as with her mother’s boyfriend. But everything changes when the heroine turns 18. On this day, her mother disappears, and the girl finds out: her family belongs to the Shadowhunter clan. Now she has to become part of it. But it is difficult for the heroine to fulfill the main rule, completely subordinating her fate to duty: to protect ordinary people. She has a goal that Clary wants to achieve at any cost. She wants to find her missing mother.

When the ShadowHunters season 4 will be released exactly

Some fans of the fantasy genre are looking forward to the release date of Shadow Hunters season 4 episode 1 to see the adventures of the characters again, but they will be disappointed. The project is officially closed.

Characters and voice-over

  • Clary Frey is the protagonist and belongs to a clan of night hunters. Forced to join them without prior preparation, as her mother had been hiding from the Clave for a long time.
  • Simon Lewis is an old friend of the heroine, a vampire. He’s been in love with Clary since high school.
  • Jocelyn Frey is Clary’s mother. She ran away with her daughter from both the Clave and the Circle to protect her child. She was kidnapped on her 18th birthday.
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Many fans were waiting for ShadowHunters season 4 to come out to see the new adventures of the heroine. However, by the decision of the creators, the series is closed.

Interesting facts about ShadowHunters

  1. The first screen adaptation of the Death Instruments was considered a failure. Then the creators planned to release several full-length films for each of the books. But the idea was abandoned after the first one was premiered.
  2. You don’t have to wait to see if ShadowHunters season 4 will be shown. Due to low ratings, the project is officially closed.

Shadow Hunters season 4, the date of release of all series

NameNumber of episodesIssue Date
ShadowHunters season 420no information

Warning! It is possible to make changes or corrections in the release date of the “ShadowHunters” season 4 series.

ShadowHunters season 4 Trailer

Sorry, no trailer yet. When “ShadowHunters” season 4 is released as the official trailer, we will definitely add it. In the meantime, we suggest you remember what the third season was about.

ShadowHunters season 4 review

Art Direction - 87%
Musical Accompaniment - 73%
Scenario and Dialogue - 84%
Special Effects and Graphics - 88%
Viewer Expectations - 78%
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