supernatural season 16 everything we know about the serial 1

Supernatural Season 16: Everything we know about the serial

The world is full of mysteries and riddles that cannot be scientifically explained. At all times, people have always had an increased interest, mixed with fear, in the manifestations of otherworldly power. This feeling is in a person’s blood. And so the movie about the unknown will always be popular. The audience of the film had no doubts that the Supernatural season 16 episode 1 release date authors will not hide much. As well as the fact that the series is planned to continue for a very long time. And the next episode of the super-popular franchise will start in October 2020.

The exact release date of the series “Supernatural” season 16, with a schedule of all series, look at the bottom.

Supernatural Season 16 Plot

Perhaps the most devoted fans will hardly tell you how it all began. Let’s take a moment to remember what the film actually tells us about. Moreover, we don’t need to look for information about when Supernatural season 16 will be released.

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The Sam and Dean brothers, being children, were left without a mother. Her death was the first meeting of guys with the other side of the world. The father had to accept the death of his wife, but decided that he would do his best to protect the other people. He made the sons of professional evil hunters. And one day, the guys went on their endless journey through the country, looking for witches, werewolves, vampires, and other representatives of the forces of evil.

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In the course of a dangerous journey, the heroes not only fight with the undead but also discover traits that are sometimes difficult for them to accept. The joint Sam and Dean do not always go smoothly. The brothers fight, scatter and reconcile, but continue to fulfill their important mission.

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They even have the honor to fight for the future of the planet and humanity. They will descend into hell, will ascend to the gates of heaven without thinking about how it may end. The guys will not be proudly alone on their way. They will have many allies. Not only among people, but also in the camp of angels, and even the servants of Satan himself.

Supernatural season 16 series precision release date

Unfortunately, the details of the Supernatural season 16 series were not announced together. But undoubtedly, the creators have prepared a lot of surprises and interesting plot twists.

Supernatural Season 16 Cast and voice-over

  • Sam Winchester (Jared Padalecki). He and his half-brother travel along the country’s roads in search of different evils to fight against it.
  • Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles). Brother of Sam. A despicable skeptic, but never thinks about risking your own life for the sake of your neighbor.
  • Castiel (Misha Collins). Demon from hell. Agreed to help the main characters. However, his behavior is unpredictable. He is devoted to a grandiose idea. And he agrees to make many sacrifices to serve a vague purpose.

Supernatural season 16, the date of release of all series

NameNumber of episodesIssue Date
Supernatural season 16222020-2021

Supernatural season 16 Trailer

Unfortunately, the trailer has not appeared yet. When Supernatural season 16 is released as the official trailer, we will definitely add it. In the meantime, we suggest that you remember what happened in season 15.

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Supernatural season 16 review

Art Direction - 80%
Musical Accompaniment - 83%
Scenario and Dialogue - 76%
Special Effects and Graphics - 94%
Viewer Expectations - 85%
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