date of release of the series swamp beast 2 season 1

Swamp Beast season 2: Date of release of the series

Widescreen movies and comic book series are very popular now. The recently released product Marvel Avengers: The finale has reached the top of the distribution, dropping the former leader, the film Avatar. Trying to keep up with the direct competitor of the company, DC Universe. Having failed with the film Shazam!, the film company can still correct its position, because now fans are waiting for the release date of Swamp Thing season 2 episode 1.

To see the exact release date of the series “Swamp Thing” season 2, with a schedule of all series, you can see a little lower.

Swamp Thing Plot

The action takes place in a small Louisiana town Marey, located on the very border of the swamps. Once a talented girl Abi Arkane grew up here, but after entering university the heroine decided not to return to the province. The girl focused on science and became a brilliant microbiologist. Parents miss heroin and hope for grandchildren, but bacteria and viruses interest Abi much more than boys.

Swamp Thing season 2 frame from the series

But you still have to go back to your home. And brings the heroine’s work here. An unknown virus was found in the neighborhood, and the girl rushes to the town to understand what is happening in the swamps. Here, she meets a colleague who recently worked for the corporation. Now, Alec is on a free voyage, but she does not hurry to leave the town. The scientist has his own theory about the infection, and he tries to confirm it.

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Swamp Thing season 2 series picture

Abi is interested not only in his colleague’s theories but also in the man himself. The hero believes that the solution should be sought not in the hospital, where the infected get, but on the surrounding swamps. The researchers are equipping the expedition to find the clue. But the swamps of Louisiana are a mysterious and deadly place. And subsequent events prove it.

Not everyone is destined to return from the swamps. Alec Holland is dying, and Abi is experiencing a tragic loss. The girl tries to concentrate on her work to think less about her forever lost beloved. It is not immediately that the heroine begins to realize that the alleged death is not so smooth. It seems that the hero is not dead, just reborn into a creature with unusual abilities.

When Swamp Thing season 2 is released

Alec has a hard time getting used to his new life. He now seems to be a monster to man. In fact, the hero was able to control the plant world. He can even create his own body from plants. In his new guise, he does not dare to disturb the peace of his beloved but comes to her aid when the heroine begins to face danger.

Characters and voice-over

  • Abi Arkane is a microbiologist, a young girl fully immersed in science. She was born in Louisiana, and now is trying to find out the cause of a strange epidemic.
  • Alec Holland is a scientist, a colleague of Aby’s, and her beloved. She has her own theory of the virus. On an expedition to the swamps, he dies but is reborn as a marsh creature. The death of the scientist is not accidental – he was shot. But now he has got new powers and is ready to protect the population of the neighborhood from any enemies.
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Interesting facts about Swamp Thing

  • The series is not the first screen embodiment of a comic book about a marsh creature. There is already a cartoon and two full-length tapes about this superhero.
  • The question still remains when Swamp Thing season 2 will be released. Developers refer to the conflict with the rights holder, but fans believe that it’s all about low ratings. But recently, interest to the series is growing, there are requests to return the hero. So we can hope: the sequel will be released.

Swamp Thing season 2, the date of release of all series

NameNumber of episodesIssue Date
Swamp Thing season 213June 2020

Swamp Thing season 2 series release date is subject to change.

Swamp Thing season 2 Trailer

Unfortunately, the trailer will appear later. When “Swamp Thing” season 2 is released as the official trailer, we will definitely add it. In the meantime, we suggest that you remember what happened in the previous season:

Swamp Thing season 2 review

Art Direction - 72%
Musical Accompaniment - 77%
Scenario and Dialogue - 70%
Special Effects and Graphics - 86%
Viewer Expectations - 70%
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