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The Boys Season 3: Get here all the details!

Do you want to see a world where superheroes are a reality, but rather gloomy and unsightly? A series about such a universe already exists, and even received an extension. The Boys season 3 episode 1 release date will be September 2020.

The exact release date of “The Boys” season 3, with a schedule of all series, you can see a little bit below.

The Boys Plot

Ordinary people can sleep in peace: their peace is guarded by mighty superheroes. The most prominent of them are in the elite squad called “Seven”, the rights to which belong to a large corporation. Any city, wishing to get reliable protection, can turn to the corporation management, and “rent” their own hero. The structure not only determines the working schedule of the “Seven” – it uses the heroes for publicity and advertising, is responsible for creating their image and reputation protection.

The Boys season 3 about its release date

The last point is especially important: these people are not only incredibly strong, but they also lack conscience and sympathy for their fellow citizens. Drugs, sexual perversions, violent attacks – heroes are a real hoard of vices. Having caused the death of ordinary people, they do not even regret the tragedy. Few ordinary people know about “pranks” of superiors. They are mainly those who suffered from their actions. Huey Campbell among them: a man lost his beloved girlfriend when one of the members of the ‘Seven’ crashed into her at a super speed. The beloved literally left her alone, and the culprit later laughed at the incident.

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When the Boys season 3 will be released for sure

Huey joins The Boys, who have decided to fight the danger coming from the supers. But the man will learn that not everything is smooth. The leader of “The Boys” Billy Butcher is a skillful manipulator, driven by hatred for the leader of the “Seven”. Around the same time, a recruit comes to the superheroes. Annie Janewery – a young and naive girl, one of the hot fans of the team. She gets the nickname Starlight, but the band faces the inside of the “star” life and is sexually harassed. After the heroes accidentally met, they no longer understand who is right in the confrontation between the “Seven” and “Kids.

Characters and voice-over

The second season show is scheduled for July next year, and we still have time to get acquainted with his characters and reality.

Team “Seven”

The leader of the team of people with superpowers is Homelandlender. Advertising and media, paid by the corporation, present him as a real knight, but in reality, the hero is an unprincipled and cynical type with the makings of a maniac. He is inhumanly strong and can fly.

  • Queen Mave is the former girl of the leader. Strong and physically invulnerable, she is quite a kind and vulnerable person, though she considers service in an elite squad only a way to earn money.
  • Train A is a hero with super speed. It was he who caused the death of Robin, the Huey girl.
  • Depth is a hero capable of breathing underwater. It is considered useless in the unit, suffers from the mass of complexes.
  • Black Noir is a great fighter, discreet, and silent.
  • Transparent – can become invisible and almost invulnerable. A pervert with a passion for peeking.
  • Starlight is a newcomer to the squad. Able to give out pulses of bright light. Maintained idealism and desire to help people.
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Release date of all series of The Boys season 3

“The Boys”

  • Billy Butcher is the leader of the squad, burning with hatred for Homelandlender.
  • Huey Campbell is a man who joined the team after his girlfriend died.
  • The Frenchman is a brilliant chemist. He combines kindness with unscrupulousness and rigidity.
  • Kimiko is an excellent fighter with regeneration abilities. Incredibly strong and very distrustful.

The Boys season 3, the date of release of all series

NameNumber of episodesIssue Date
The Boys season 38automne 2021

Warning! The Boys season 3 series release date is subject to change.

The Boys season 3 Trailer

Unfortunately, the trailer will appear later. When “The Boys” season 3 is released, we will add it to the official trailer. In the meantime, we suggest that you remember what happened in the last part:

The Boys season 3 review

Art Direction - 61%
Musical Accompaniment - 64%
Scenario and Dialogue - 68%
Special Effects and Graphics - 86%
Viewer Expectations - 78%
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