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True Detective Season 4: Release Date, When Will Come Out?

One of the most anticipated events in the film industry in recent years is the announcement of official information about the date of release of True Detective season 4 episode 1. The first two parts were released with a minimum interval, the third – viewers saw only in 2019 and now look forward to the start of new episodes. Each season of the series tells a different story, not related to the previous ones. Thanks to carefully thought out and intricate plot lines, excellent acting, and quality visual effects, the series has earned the love of millions of fans from around the world.

The exact release date of the series “True Detective” season 4 with the schedule of all series, you can see a bit below.

True Detective Plot

The peculiarity of the series is the way of storyline narration. Each part describes a separate storyline, whose events unfold in different time periods and in separate locations in the USA.

Release date of all True Detective season 4 series

The first season of the project describes the progress of the investigation into the confusing murder of a woman in the state of Louisiana. The creators of the TV series decided to present the story in the form of memories of the investigator.

While watching the second – viewers are transferred to California. Here, representatives of various structures will investigate the murder of a large official. During the investigation, they will face a conspiracy of businessmen and insidious politicians.

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According to the latest data on the release date of the True Detective season, 4 series have been transferred to winter 2021. The details of the plot of the last season are not disclosed.

Will the release of the series True Detective season 4

The third part of the series describes the story of the investigation into the disappearance of two children led by Detective Wayne Hayes. The actions of this part take place in three time periods. The events unfold in the state of Arkansas on the banks of the Mississippi. The detectives are assisted by a young teacher named Amelia Reardon, who knew the missing children well.

The directors of the series do not hurry to disclose the idea for the scenario of its continuation. It is also not known who will be the key characters of the fourth season. Nic Pizzolatto said that at the moment the script is under development. Therefore, one only has to wait, when will be released True Detective season 4.

When will True Detective season 4 be released exactly

The final decision on the fate of the series depends primarily on the ratings of the third season and the reaction of film critics. Given the fact that the premiere episodes received many nominations, you can be sure that the new part also will not disappoint viewers.

Characters and voice-over

  • The key characters of the first season were talented detectives – Marty and Rast. Their roles were played by Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey.
  • The second one was played by Taylor Kitch, Rachel Macadams, and Colin Farrell.
  • The main roles in the third part were performed by Steven Dorff, Mahershala Ali, and Carmen Edjogo.
  • The main characters and the cast of the fourth season are not disclosed.
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Interesting facts about True Detective

  1. Project creators do not disclose information about the beginning of shooting and details of the scene line.
  2. The script of the first season was completely written by Nick Pizzolatto without the participation of other writers. In the second, Scott Lasser helped to develop the story.
  3. The musical composition of the second season was the song of Leonard Cohen – “Nevermind”. Each episode uses an adapted version of the song for the existing storyline. Its differences are not noticeable even to the ardent fans of the series.

True Detective season 4, the date of release of all series

NameNumber of episodesIssue Date
True Detective season 48January 10, 2021

Warning! The “True Detective” season 4 series release date may be changed or clarified.

True Detective season 4 Trailer

Sorry, but the trailer is not here yet. When “True Detective” season 4 is released as the official trailer, we will definitely add it. In the meantime, we suggest that you remember what season 3 was about.

True Detective season 4 review

Art Direction - 69%
Musical Accompaniment - 86%
Scenario and Dialogue - 71%
Special Effects and Graphics - 64%
Viewer Expectations - 73%
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