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Westworld Season 4: Release Date, Plot and Everything you should know

There are reasons to close such a popular series at TVNVOnet. Therefore, the release date of Westworld season 4 episode 1 can be expected already in early 2021. The project has been equally praised by critics and viewers. In the new series, the creators plan to surprise the audience even more.

The exact release date of the series “Westworld” season 4 with a schedule of all series, you can see below.

Westworld season 4 Plot

Entrepreneurial citizens create an unusual amusement park. Visitors are invited to turn into reality all that previously they could only dream about. In the park, you can try on the role of a noble cowboy, ruthless killer, feel like a superman, alone dealing with dozens of enemies.

Release date of all Westworld season 4 series

And all this is perfectly safe. After all, the guests are opposed not by living people, but realistic robots. Androids are programmed to fulfill any wishes of wealthy customers.

Up to a certain point, everything is going perfectly. The owners of the park are raking up huge money. But one day the program fails, and the previously obedient robots refuse to act according to the established rules.

Will the Westworld season 4 series release

Spectators, who followed with interest the further development of events, will learn in one of the episodes that there is more than one such area of unusual attractions in the world. In addition, some androids managed to break out of the parks and now live among people. What can it threaten humanity, will become known in new episodes. Therefore, fans did not worry in vain whether the show Westworld season 4.

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When the Westworld season 4 series will be released exactly

Out of control robots begin to play their own game. But this is not just a program failure. Behind the unusual behavior of the machines are specific individuals pursuing far-reaching goals. Will they manage to realize their plans with the help of androids? The answer to this question interests millions of TV viewers, wondering when Westworld season 4 will be released.

Westworld season 4 Cast and voice-over

  • Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood). One of the first androids designed for an amusement park. She was given the role of a humble farmer’s daughter and toys in the hands of wealthy visitors. However, the electronic brain of the heroine understood that everything happening around her is a lie.
  • Mave (Tandy Newton). The robot, according to the scenario, acting as the keeper of the brothel.
  • Bernard Lowe (Tandy Newton). Head of robot programming.
  • Teddy (James Marsden). Android shooter. Experiences feelings for Dolores.
  • Charlotte Hale (Tessa Thompson). One of the directors of Delos.
  • Robert Fort (Anthony Hopkins). A brilliant scientist. One of the authors of the idea to create an unusual park.
  • Ashley Stubbs (Luke Hemsworth). Head of Park Security.
  • Armistis (Ingrid Bulsö Berdal). Android-killer. Consists in the gang of Hector.

Interesting facts about Westworld

  1. The project is based on a feature film of the same name, released in 1973. Initially, it was also planned to shoot not a series, but an hour and a half remake, in which one of the main roles was to play Arnold Schwarzenegger.
  2. The Russian version of the series was broadcast by Amedia and Che TV channels. If these companies also show the continuation, the release date of the Wild West World series season 4 will be announced on their official sites even before the world premiere.
  3. By the way, the film assumes that the park visitors are rich, but the exact cost of the ticket is not announced anywhere. And only the most attentive spectators noticed that in one of the episodes there is a hint at the amount of 40 thousand dollars.
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Westworld season 4, the date of release of all series

NameNumber of episodesIssue Date
Westworld season 48March 14, 2021

Warning! This “Westworld” season 4 series release date can be changed or clarified.

Westworld season 4 Trailer

Sorry, but the trailer is not here yet. When “Westworld” season 4 comes out with an official trailer, we will definitely add it. In the meantime, we suggest you remember what season 3 was about.

Westworld season 4 review

Art Direction - 76%
Musical Accompaniment - 81%
Scenario and Dialogue - 68%
Special Effects and Graphics - 68%
Viewer Expectations - 86%
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